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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-05
Chengdu local standards 'foot bath' management began to implement < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:16 < / p> < p> 'foot bath' management of chengdu local standards began this month, including health care massage with the foot massage clearly defined. Wash feet < / P> < P> there are the standard foot baths: refers to provide a certain amount of space, use of professional technology, with professional products for the consumer to provide bath foot care and nursing services in public places. < / P> < P> wash feet with standard < / P> < P> health massage therapist: refers to according to the requirements of the guests, use for the purpose of health care massage technique, specific areas in the human body surface to have certain strength, have a purpose, regular activities to operating personnel. < / P> < P> the foot massage: refers to the use of a certain strength, regular techniques to massage the body below the knee. < / P> < P> 23, the reporter learns from chengdu city pledges inspect bureau, this month, by the chengdu business bureau, supervision bureau, health bureau and other departments jointly formulated the 'foot baths are health standard', 'the foot bath industry operation and management norms' effect. < / P> < P> location wash feet 'room' area of more than 100 m2 < / P> < P> according to the two local standards, the location of the foot bath should be far away from the poisonous and harmful pollution sources, around 25 meters shall not have garbage and sewage station, there is no fixed noise vibration source. A new independent foot bath area must be used in more than 100 m2, reads the foot baths of area must be used in more than 50 m2, seat area shall not be less than 4 m2 / seat. < / P> < P> building, rebuilding and expansion of the necessary to set a foot bath foot baths, public supplies utensils disinfection rooms, storage, preparation, staff room, public toilet, etc. Attached the foot baths, should be set separately. By a foot bath using central air conditioning ventilation system, fresh air to the mouth should be located in the outside, away from pollution sources, and on the upper side of the outlet. < / P> < P> wash feet certificate is needed to be a health care massage < / P> < P> according to the requirements, health care massage therapist must undergo training and obtain the professional qualification certificates issued by the labor department. Foot massage therapist, pedicurist and other technical personnel should also be trained and to obtain the professional qualification certificate issued by the relevant departments. Foot bath technician should comply with the national occupational standards 'sanitarian massagist' and 'foot massage' regulation. Pedicurist should comply with the national occupational standards 'pedicurist' regulation. < / P> < P> health indoor air can not have odor < / P> < P> according to the standard, indoor and outdoor environment should be neat, beautiful foot baths. Foot baths for its perfect health system, including the post responsibility, cleaning cleaning, disinfection, from personnel of course of health medical training, a health hazard of accident report, show me management system, equipped with full-time or part-time health management. < / P> < P> the foot baths in the environmental health must also conform to the temperature, air quality, lighting, noise and other indicators. The business before and after every day must be thoroughly ventilated take a breath, indoor air must not have peculiar smell. < / P> < P> wash feet disinfection personnel shall not have tinea manuum < / P> < P> in the wash feet for the requirements of the equipment and personnel, for the foot bath, mat towel, cushion cover and so on supplies should be daily cleaning and disinfection. To guests provide the contact with the skin of other supplies utensils must be a guest in the disinfection, and shall conform to the requirements of appearance, bacteria and other indicators. For customers to use cosmetics, cosmetics inspection certificates must be provided and production enterprise health permits or imported cosmetics hygiene license copy of the approval documents. < / P> < P> the foot baths used disinfectants and disinfection equipment, or other health supplies should be approved by the relevant administrative departments under the state, safe and effective products, and related data to prove. Foot baths should for a skin disorder customers with special appliance of foot bath products, and identify clearly, use after cleaning and disinfection of the instant, stored separately. < / P> < P> directly to the customer service staff must hold a valid health certificate, conduct a physical examination every year, and the hand skin fester, trauma, tinea manuum, without this condition, etc. Work should wear clean work clothes, provide service for each customer must be cleaned and disinfected before hands and outside of the foot massage when dealing with hands were secondary cleaning and sanitation. < / P> < P> < / P>
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