Caution: processing, cosmetics OEM/odm cosmetics on what are the points for attention in the process?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27

in recent years many small and medium enterprises, brands are looking for cosmetic processing plant for processing, reduce unnecessary spending, so cosmetics manufacturer which matters need attention when processing, to find a processing factory of cosmetics, this also is in order to reduce unnecessary risk, XJ today Beauty of small make up, according to the situation in our factory, tell you: in the process of processing, cosmetics manufacturer OEM/odm cosmetics on what are the considerations?

1 after entering the warehouse, packaging materials, packaging material is damaged, the material is in accordance with the standards; and processing of raw materials need to test before emulsification processing, and processing components.

2, before the packaging materials into cosmetics processing and filling workshop, need a thorough cleaning and disinfection. All inspection need cleaning. After drying, then disinfected two times. This connection can greatly ensure carrying object container will not cause secondary pollution, and effectively improve the quality of products.

3, in the cosmetics processing after emulsification workshop production of raw materials, let them rest, then test, check whether the material quality is conform to the standards of the processing. If required, will be sent to the filling workshop for production.

4, after the material fill in the packing material, must be thoroughly check all products, check whether the filling capacity is up to the standard. After reaching the standard, you can use the cosmetics processing production line into the packing workshop.

5, cosmetics, after the completion of processing and packaging to conduct a comprehensive inspection. After checking, storage products.

6, before shipment, please cooperate with cosmetics manufacturer processing customer necessary sampling inspection, confirm the distribution and delivery.

processing, cosmetics OEM/odm cosmetics on what are the points for attention in the process? In addition to these main points for attention, of course, there are many other things, also need to be aware of, XJ Beauty because experienced, all have the confidence to could help you!

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