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by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-07
In the process of using the mask, there are such problems, such as sudden acne, redness and itching, which are considered to be the problems of the mask. In fact, if you understand the basic common sense of the skin, you will know the real reason. Causes and Solutions for allergies using masks. Skin allergy is a very normal phenomenon and usually occurs in several cases. 1. People who rarely use cosmetics; 2, long-term use of a brand of cosmetics, change skin care products have a process; 3, the skin itself is sensitive; 4. Hormone products have been used before; 5, the mask is too long, usually 10-- 20 minutes, too long will cause skin hypoxia allergy; 6, continuous use, Skin Nutrition reached saturation, skin absorption can not lead to excess nutrition. Skin tingling treatment: tingling is caused by severe water shortage or invisible wounds on our face, so we must stop and apply it every other day when we feel tingling. Slight redness or itching treatment: First stop using all cosmetics, then apply face 10--15 minutes, 3 days a day-4 times, the problem will be basically solved in one day. The treatment of acne: The first is that the skin itself has a acne incubation period. When the essence on the mask is absorbed to accelerate the metabolism of acne, it is actually a good phenomenon. After the acne matures, it will be fine after removing the pus. The other is that the skin absorbs itself, and this kind of skin has no need to worry about acne. The cause of facial swelling: this is a functional product used before, so it is particularly sensitive, and if the mask is applied for too long, it will be a little swollen, so don't worry too much. Slightly swollen, you can apply banana puree to your face for 15 minutes each time, and apply it for 3 days. If you are serious, you can add a grain of Shimin powder and add it to the banana puree-15 minutes, once a day, no more than 3 days.
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