'Cannabis' skin care boom hits, do you want to try?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30

mention marijuana, many people think that this is a raw material for making drugs

but protect skin to taste in cannabis raw materials, adopted by the

belongs to low THC content lower than 0. 3% varieties,

planting process completely follow Chinese industrial standard marijuana license management method,

can locate trace foster growth of raw material, production process data, the whole process to ensure the best quality.

industrial hemp vs drugs marijuana

1, industrial plants lattice-windows, highest can 6 m long; Drug marijuana dumpy, brush frame.

2, industrial hemp slender leaves, high fiber content; Drugs marijuana leaves a wide and low fiber content.

3, industrial hemp easy growth and high yield. Drugs marijuana delicate slow growth, and lower productivity.

4, industrial hemp THC content is far less than 0. 3% ( Non-toxic harmless, non addictive) 。

the benefits of industrial hemp

in the world, according to the THC ( Four hydrogen cannabinol) To determine the content of marijuana attributes:

THC< 0. 3% of industrial hemp, no addictive

THC> 0. 5% belong to the entertainment of marijuana, drug

industrial hemp in addition to containing small THC

there are so many benefits:

1, the bast fiber in the industrial hemp stalk, and coarse linen are good things. The former is the finest papermaking, textile, rope products raw materials; The latter can also be used to make plastics, particle board.

2, industrial hemp seed is rich in protein, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc and other minerals.

3, industrial hemp oil rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, arachidonic acid and other essential of unsaturated fatty acid polymer.

4, industrial hemp can live almost under what conditions, is a rare green ecological plant.

5, industrial hemp has the very high medical value. Industrial hemp of its main components in cannabidiol ( CBD) , have anti-anxiety, extract the sleeping, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, the medical value of antiepileptic for alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, children with autism, a variety of diseases such as cancer, liver cirrhosis, prevention, all have significant positive effect.

hemp skin care products

refers to add in the industrial hemp cannabidiol ( CBD) , hemp seed oil, hemp composition such as leaf extracts to protect skin to taste, is active ingredients, no hallucinogenic effects. Also mentioned industrial hemp composition of TCM with the highest value.

1, the CBD ( Cannabidiol) Added to the drug can prevent seizures, antioxidant, protecting nerve, diminishing inflammation, analgesia, antitumor, psychiatric and anti-anxiety effect, can be used to treat anxiety and mental function material caused by mental disorders, schizophrenia, cancer, pain, inflammation, etc.

2, the CBD ( Cannabidiol) Added to protect skin to taste with repair, soothing, anti-inflammatory, help sleep, can repair the deep basement, for easy acne acne oily acne muscle inflammation after the soothing effect is very effective. For sensitive skin, dry skin has a very good repair relief. At the same time can alleviate the status of poor sleep.

on December 12, 2018, the United States house of representatives passed the latest 'farm bill' and submitted to the President, in the act, the planting and production of industrial hemp will be legalized. International at present, the industrial hemp plant 31 legal country, 55 medical marijuana is legal countries, our country is mainly planting base in heilongjiang province and yunnan province. By 2018, global cannabinoids company has capital of $13. 8 billion, and this figure is only $3. 5 billion in 2017. Predicts that by 2020 the global legal marijuana sales to increase by 230% to $32 billion.

so promising CBD to protect skin to taste, CBD, with its unique advantages and source, attracted more and more cosmetics manufacturer engineer and the attention of consumers. In the future, and then talk about marijuana, domestic consumers will no longer be 'talk about hemp color change', and will be more rational, scientific understanding of marijuana and its efficacy.

in the end, small make up recommend a few pot series, for you to solve the mystery of the CBD, the mystery of valence of marijuana extract than gold. At the same time, welcome you to customize the processing!

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