Can't you pass the filing of cosmetics processing and production? OBEs teaches you quick filing-XJ BEAUTY

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-03
Can't you pass the filing of cosmetics processing and production? Xj beauty teaches you to quickly record whether it is to help customers with cosmetics processing manufacturers or to make their own cosmetics brands, they will encounter a common problem, can't the record be too old? What's going on? Every Upload review has a different problem. When will it be passed? Can't pass and can't sell, anxious to death! Don't be afraid, xj beauty cosmetics processing manufacturers teach you, quick record through! As the saying goes know each other ever victorious! The same is true for filing! You don't know how to pass the basic knowledge of filing, how to pass quickly is a skill problem, and how to pass is a basic problem. The following are some common questions: 1. Do you need to write precautions for cosmetics and cosmetics for box filing? A: Yes, precautions, Chinese warning instructions, and storage conditions that meet shelf life and safety requirements must be marked. 2: There are entrusting parties and entrusting parties entrusted overseas to file in China. Can you write an additional brand? A: All 3: cosmetic product ingredients do not change the packaging, do you want to re-do the quality inspection report and re-record? A: no testing, change. 4. The label of the product sampled by market supervision is not up to standard, because the product is marked with undetected preservatives, and it is required not to mark out any undetected preservatives. We should change the label according to the requirements of market supervision, will all the preservatives that cannot be detected be deleted and re-filed? A: need to re-label 5: can the cosmetics of the revoked cosmetics production license company continue to be sold, is the filing valid? Answer: invalid, illegal filing requires the business manufacturing, production qualification and product specific information and test report of the brand and the manufacturer. The simplest way is to produce the brand, the best material is provided by the cosmetics processing manufacturer. The company and brand trademarks are registered first, and the others are handed over to the cosmetics processing manufacturer. The manufacturers have professional filing personnel, can be successfully filed in the shortest possible time. If it is processing with supplied materials, it is best to get the testing data to the manufacturer first, and it is generally easy to pass without prohibited ingredients.
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