Can face long blain blain sunscreen?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23
It is well known that once the long blain on the face, the skin is extremely sensitive, had better use less skin care products, cosmetics manufacturer, lest stimulate acne, it is difficult to heal. But summer strong ultraviolet ray, does not do is prevented bask in impossible. How to do? First of all, we have to clear a problem, even if long blain blain, sunscreen is also essential steps. Just said when choosing and sunscreen has must pay attention to: 1. Blain blain muscle to deal with the wound with a sunscreen if you long blain blain, suggest to complete face minister blain the wounds of the local processing, forming invisible protective excessive wouldn't let the wound infection, after rubbed the ointment, such as wound after complete absorption, then daub sunscreen, according to individual demand can be used for local special acne concealer. Basic maintenance order of blain blain muscle: make up water to regulate essence, moisturizing emulsion model to local blain blain conditioning, prevent bask in. Basic maintenance procedures are completed, and then to use prevent bask in frost, skin protection. It is worth noting that the need to immediately after discharge makeup thoroughly after go home every day, then use clean face dew wash a face, not long blain blain sealing parts. 2. Blain abdominis choose sunscreen to see 4 blain blain often because of improper choice sunscreen cause acne inflammation is more serious, but if the blain blain is not clean enough sunscreen factor, under the stimulus of ultraviolet ray, are more likely to tan, sunburn, acne, inflammation is more serious, even more bulky pore. So the blain blain is absolutely can not be refused to sunscreen. When choosing a sunscreen, therefore, it is important to note that the following four points: 1, the product must pass without cause acne, low allergic experiment; 2, prevent bask in coefficient should be moderate, SPF20 - 30; 3, emulsion, or no oil formula ( 石油 免费的) The best; 4, add sebum-control formula ( Example: pumpkin element) Or fight free radicals ( Example: vitamin E) 。
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