Buy cosmetics fear into the pit? Practice a pair of 'critical' is necessary

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23

dear little fairies, buy cosmetics fear into the pit? How to do? In order to buy can let oneself really meimei dalai cosmetics, practice a pair of 'critical' is necessary. XJ Beauty professional cosmetics, understanding of cosmetics like knowing yourself, tell you the three recruit: can 'see, smell, try the' three ways to judge the merits of the quality of cosmetics, roughly although incomplete, but more or less will filter out most of the products!

look 01

when the choose and buy cosmetics, the first thing to observe the color of the cosmetics and glossiness. Should be observed in the place with enough light to see whether the color is bright, natural.

02 smell

good quality cosmetics should be elegant fragrance, smell give a person with pleasure; Pungent aroma is overweight, or have a taste, does not accord with the requirement of high quality cosmetics.

03 try

by trial whether cosmetic quality of a material is exquisite, any a kind of cosmetic cream lotion texture is the thinner, the better the quality.

identification methods: will a little cosmetics in wrist joints evenly apply a thin layer, and then the wrist activity a few times, up and down for a few seconds later, if the cosmetics can evenly and closely attached on skin, traces and wrist dermatoglyph no stripes, illustrates the cosmetics manufacturer fine texture.

of course, if think their capability with 'try see, smell, look not to come out, you can, from the perspective of cosmetic formulations are different categories of products, to identify.

( 1) Cream emulsion products

paste should be fine, bright, uniform color, pure flavor, no bubble, no spots, swear and demulsification phenomenon.

( 2) Toner

for transparent model make up water, should be clear and transparent, without suspended matter, cloudy, no precipitation phenomenon.

( 3) Gel ( Gel) Products

should be crystal clear, transparent, no noise.

( 4) Foam cleanser

paste should be exquisite, squeeze a small amount of water after rubbing can produce cream with fine foam, should after cleansing the skin feeling fresh and clean, with no tension.

different cosmetics formulations ( Cream, milk, cream, etc. ) , bring our sensory experience is also different, good cosmetics can basically meet the requirements of our senses, and cosmetics is follow our fairy lifetime of 'daily necessities', so don't buy cosmetics are pit, there is no effect to the second, 'black face' is the ultimate tragedy.

actually relationship with the brand image, product quality is also the most can't go wrong, as a brand, select normal, with strength and product quality assured the processing cosmetics factory is measured. Select the processing quality of cosmetics manufacturers can be a very good avoid product quality problems, also can effectively reduce the production cost of the brand. XJ Beauty has two processing cosmetics factory in guangzhou, guangzhou Beauty cosmetics co. , LTD. , guangzhou Beauty appearance, cosmetics co. , LTD. , has more than 20 years of OEM generation of processing experience, good software and hardware conditions, is the escort of your brand development.

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