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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-26
Cosmetics processing factory briefly damage skin of discharge makeup myth < p> 2018 - cosmetics processing cosmetics manufacturer 08 - 31 17:50:43 < / p> cosmetics processing factory remind you girls here are five makeup myth, you carefully look at the girls. Myth: after discharge makeup oil without cleanser after a lot of people use discharge makeup oil discharge makeup, felt already clean face. Actually this is a wrong idea. After discharge makeup oil discharge makeup, there are a lot of heavy metal ions, such as dust dirt residues in facial ministry, some may clog pores, at this time we need foam cleanser, clean the face, can appear otherwise closed acne. Myth 2: how is washing a face makeup face is not equal to discharge makeup, because water and ordinary cleansers is unable to dissolve the colour makeup; And you often wash a face, the face wash grease and moisture, so to face is not good, so discharge makeup or use discharge makeup product. Cosmetics processing factory remind you girls never set foot in this five makeup myth myth 3: general discharge makeup is tasted can remove eye eye and lip makeup lip skin is very fragile, need quality mild discharge makeup product, eyes lip makeup product can clean up makeup, remove excess fat, but also will not hurt and tender skin. Myth: no makeup without makeup now environment seriously, there are a lot of pollution we are unable to see with the naked eye, such as the dust in the air pollution, dust, sulfur dioxide, and so on, some metallicity pollution is through cleanser clean up this kind of product, so it is necessary to use discharge makeup product to clean the face. Cosmetics processing recommend, it is best to use sunscreen or segregation frost at high magnification. Mistake 5: completes makeup washs a face a lot of girls are made, makeup and wash your face with this approach is also wrong, because discharge makeup just to remove traces of make-up of the face, and wash a face is the face of all the clean up garbage, so these two steps to separate, and cannot be carried out at the same time. Makeup will discharge makeup, don't let the colour makeup residue on the skin, it will hurt the skin. In spite of the makeup, also be careful not to step into makeup myth, or counterproductive.
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