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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-07
Processing brands choose cosmetics manufacturer factory note concern < p> cosmetics processing, generation of processing cosmetics - 2018 10 - 16 11:45:08 processing < / p> choose cosmetics factory needs analysis to investigate what aspects? For brands has no experience in processing, can be attributed analysis to investigate the two aspects: 1, product: first be clear what generation of processing products, shape demand: PH, viscosity, microorganism, efficacy ( Whitening, moisturizing and spot, acne, etc. ) , and packaging material modelling, these values are required, and then passed to the processing cosmetics factory, let the other side development formula, according to the needs of the play version of the sample preparation. 2, cost, although cannot do clear expense, but also need to estimate the development cost, sample preparation cost formula, design, packaging costs, raw material costs, production costs, etc. Processing in addition to the above factors, choose cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer notice whether it has the hygiene license, production license, registration, etc. , other aspects include the order delivery date, terms of payment, delivery delay treatment, quality problems of the compensation way, formulation confidentiality, factory production environment, emulsifying production equipment, in many aspects such as raw materials. Choosing the generation of processing cosmetics factory what items need to be aware of? A, see if cosmetics factory have qualified production cosmetics manufacturer factory production qualification certificate of the qualification certificate is essential, choosing cosmetics generation processing should be first to see if the factory have cosmetics business qualification, and is within the validity of the certificate whether business scope and cosmetics raw materials are consistent. Second, see cosmetics factory is a professional production workshop choose cosmetics contract, if the conditions permit suggested personally visit production workshop. A professional cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer will arrange commissioner resident workshop on duty, the customer can focus on workshop equipment is complete, the production line is complete, equipment parts can be normal operation, raw material is fresh, commissioner, such as division of labor is reasonable with the workers. Three, see if cosmetics contract with good after-sales service for all walks of life, the service quality is an important standard to judge the enterprise quality, cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer also is same, brands pay more attention to good after-sales service, and this is not a one-time deal, but is the important basis of long-term cooperation. industry is getting better and better, many people want to invest in creating brand cosmetics, their sales. This creates a cosmetics processing mode, select the matters need to pay attention to the above several big contract.
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