Bottle blowing mold performance benefit cosmetics bottles manufacturer production

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-20
For buyers, to shape the product image, product packaging, inevitable meeting to personalized product packaging requirements. At this time for cosmetics bottles manufacturer, must be aimed at this kind of bottle shape purchasing new bottle blowing mould, as we all know, the price of a bottle blowing mold frequently tens of thousands of, for a cosmetic packaging bottle factory, often need to have a lot of pair of bottle blowing mold to deal with all kinds of market order, is a big cost. Sometimes some small orders, but the bottle shape, special cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers suffer from bottle blowing mold problem, can only choose to give up. How to reduce the cost of bottle blowing mould, in fact, for the whole plastic bottle production industry and even the packaging industry as a whole is very important. Because similar this kind of bottle blowing machine production equipment investment prices are fixed, and the bottle blowing mold every time to open a new packaging will need to input costs. If able to bottle blowing mould cost will come down, take will make cosmetics manufacturer in plastic packaging varieties more rich, lower procurement costs. Today's young people more months to pursue personalized, this is especially true for packaging, plastic bottles in the future market is certainly a personalized market. For cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers how to solve the bottle blowing mould, have more bottle blowing mould, is a important guarantee for enterprise competitiveness. In addition for bottle blowing mold or raw materials field, if you can bypass the bottle blowing mold, direct production of plastic bottles, strengthening plastic plasticity, believe that will be a major breakthrough, will form a huge impact on the market, will also win a lot of development opportunities. Bottle blowing mould is a very important part of plastic bottle blow molding, bottle blowing mould various aspects performance boost for the plastic industry is very profound. Today we are going to talk about what aspects can improve bottle blowing mold better performance. First of all, is the bottle blowing mold is made by steel, we all know that the steel cost is very high, a cosmetics manufacturer for a new bottle blowing, need to make a new pair of bottle blowing mould, often need to pay a high cost. If you can find more cheap bottle blowing mould material, it will greatly reduce the production cost of plastic bottles. Secondly, the service life of bottle blowing mold, bottle blowing mold need blown under high temperature environment. As a result, a lot of bottle blowing mould production life cycle is long, to prolong the period of bottle blowing mould is one aspect of effective cost reduction. Bottle blowing mould production efficiency, more than a mold cavity can effectively improve efficiency of bottle blowing, but in limited space inside the bottle blowing machine how to implement a mold cavity number is more of a very challenging problem. All in all, the current cosmetic packaging bottle bottle blowing mould manufacturer production technology has reached a high level, but there are a lot of room to improve. Any a performance ascension bottle blowing mould for plastic bottle production has greatly improved. 403. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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