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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-18
Body care little knowledge < p> 2019 - 05 - 06 10:12:11 < / p> now to protect skin to taste, to knit the spot of everything, but in our mother young at that time, is not to want what have what, small make up today will lead you back mothers when young body care nostrum, simple and effective! To black head, acne, cutin is after the shower with a towel, wet soft cutin layer, while the steam in the bathroom not scattered, with a little heat, can use medical gauze, but the density of fabric closer, the better, where there is blackheads and need chamfer slowly, gentle round massage, will have to blackheads and cutin effect. Washing a face everyday use towel instead of hand, also can have chamfer effect, but dry and sensitive skin careful. Massage, horny, maintenance on sugar will face splashed ahead of time, all the facial cleanser in the in the mind of the bubbles, add sugar, Grain not too big, or it will scratch the skin) , or very fine grinding of green bean powder coated in blackheads and cutin, slowly massage. The advantage is can achieve the result of chamfer, sugar melting slowly, also can have to the skin maintenance. Contractive pore a cold towel can do it will be a dry towel, no water, into the sealed folder chain bag, then refrigerate. Out before makeup in the morning, apply on the face, can achieve the effect of contractive pore, towel must not have water, if there are water will be frozen. Scratch the skin. Accelerate the body blood circulation against several times, clap, clap empty palm, palm under the 100; Lift + upward several times; Comb with wooden hedgehog round head massage scalp and hair growth to accelerate. Massage the whole body, can accelerate the blood circulation, relieve itchy skin. Hair before the braided hair, or hair end fixed coil with clip on straw, open in the morning is beautiful curly hair. Oral care salt can also play a big role in salt and gently massage the gums, stay for about 5 minutes, rinse again, can help eliminate gum swelling; With weak brine gargle, can help eliminate sore throat. Diet attention life details control appetite is drinking water before meals, to help control appetite; Lie flat, clockwise and counterclockwise massage abdomen, help eliminate waste; In the morning to drink a large glass of weak brine, help eliminate waste; The mineral water bottle half bottle of mung bean/m, arms, moved out to the sides, help reduce bye meat. Moisturizing functions in common honey apply face, can rise to protect wet effect, or add half egg yolks, stirring evenly apply face or apply chapped hands and feet, the remaining half egg yolk can be used to reconcile the sesame powder, apply hair tip, moisturizing hair care. Is homemade mineral water in the mineral water on the watering can make up water, chicken feet + pig feet + soyabean + kelp boil soup to drink, can replenish collagen and phytoestrogens, use of sugar-free yogurt + green bean powder, and mixed into the mask apply face, can be mild metabolic cutin, and whitening.
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