Blain to imprint how to eliminate blain to imprint of youth said no

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
Blain to imprint how to eliminate? To stay on the face after blain blain blain to imprint is to eliminate black precipitate, generally will be natural fade over time, but short temper girl do cough up, have a date tomorrow what about girls, the most effective way to try the following to blain to imprint! Go blain to imprint 1: the most effective ways to wash a face every day with the water that clean out rice washing rice water every day, whether MM out right away, it is a waste of the oh, because the dissolved in the water that clean out rice starch, protein, vitamins and other nutrients that can break down the face of the oil, the desalination pigment and prevent adipose bead, rice every day, pour out the water for the first time, leave the second time the water that clean out rice, let it slowly to clarify, then take part above the water to wash your face, face variable white and delicate, blain to imprint will slowly recede. Go blain to imprint the most effective method 2: red wine honey facial mask in a small glass of red wine to add 2 or 3 tablespoons of honey to thick, evenly apply on the face, after eight dry, rinse with warm water, once every other day. The wine is fruit acid, acid in red wine can promote cutin metabolism, fade out pigment, make the skin more white and smooth. Honey has the function of moisturizing and nourishing. Easy to people who are allergic to alcohol, to pay attention. Go blain to imprint the most effective method of 3: yogurt in a location with blain to imprint smear proper amount of yogurt, then add a small amount of pearl powder, stir well mixed, every night after cleansing, apply on the face have blain to imprint, till the second day get up to wash again, insist to use this method, also help to improve the face of the blain to imprint, make skin white and tender. Go blain to imprint the most effective method of 4: pearl powder + protein in a raw egg protein and 10 grams of pearl powder mixed, evenly on the face, avoid eye and lip. Thicker a bit 1/8-inch-thick as far as possible, or you'll soon get, 15 to 20 minutes wash out. Chips to blain to imprint 5: the most effective ways to apply face actually use potato slices to apply face can also have the effect of desalt blain to imprint oh, every night after washing a face, with fresh potatoes cut into thin slices, apply is in face there is blain to imprint, can desalt blain to imprint. Go blain to imprint 6: the most effective ways to eat more fruits and vegetables to maintain skin whitening, in addition to the need to maintain, but internal control are very important oh, drink plenty of water every day also has the effect of whitening skin oh, MM people can also eat some whitening efficacy of vegetables and fruit, like tomato, apple and so on.
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