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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-13
OEM manufacturers recommend ampoules product < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer 08 - 21 17:56:14 < / p> use ampoules should state to choose according to their own skin, so much Ann bottles on the market, exactly what is suitable for you use? OEM manufacturer of small make up today is to introduce several ampoules, really good! 1, hydrating & ndash; — Gastrodia elata gastrodia elata bletilla plant extraction branches virgin pulp bletilla plant extraction branches protoplasmic ampoules efficacy has powerful moisturizing, scavenging free radicals, postpone skin aging. Promote skin microcirculation and to accelerate the process of metabolism, bright white skin. Anti-inflammatory sterilization, remove acne, keep skin balance. Gastrodia elata and bletilla is cosmetics OEM manufacturer of studying plant, gastrodia elata extract can promote skin blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, nourish and whiten skin, keep skin microbial balance. With a bottle of a day, keeps moisturizing all day long, and quickly absorb, not greasy, wall crack recommended to everyone! 2, sensitive and fragile and problem skin and ageing skin, it is recommended to use prevent allergy red back repair essence according to the cosmetics factory technology research and development center in wenzhou, prevent allergy back inside the red repair essence of EGF growth factors that activate protease, accelerate protein synthesis, promote the growth of fibroblasts, promoting wound healing of the skin and mucosa and feed scar contraction and hyperplasia of the deformation of the skin, fast and efficient repair trauma efficacy: moisture, oxidation resistance. Can resist skin aging, fade out fine lines, protect wet, make the skin elastic strain. The bottle could be called sensitive muscle emergency artifact, high repair essence can instantly penetrate into and repair fragile skin, is a boon for people with sensitive skin, use a can see the improved state, make skin no longer sensitive! 3, want to whiten the skin, can't miss the bright essence fu peptide pure milk bright muscles is pithy peptide of pure milk whitening effect is significant, just started to use, it can make you beautiful white day, long-term use can also your white skin. Bright essence fu peptide of pure milk mainly effect is whitening, pale spot, fade uneven tone; Deeply nourish skin, make skin bright and transparent. Wenzhou cosmetics manufacturer factory technical staff said, this bottle is adopt biological fermentation technology, small molecules, easily absorbed, can deeply remove free radicals, inhibit melanin formation effectively. 4, multi-effect net pox oil-control essence tyrannies outermost layer of skin muscle multi-effect net blain blain blain oil-control essence product efficacy to antibacterial anti-inflammatory, whitening skin, medicated acne elimination, relieving itching, hair care, balance oil secretion, dredge and convergence pores, remove endotoxin skin material, and so on. Wenzhou cosmetics factory according to the symptoms of the outermost layer of skin blain blain skin friends to develop and become, it can reduce the skin acne propionic acid bacillus, real-time significantly reduce skin acne propionic acid bacillus in 8 days. The bottle to use Ann feel relaxed and easy absorption, generate and prevent blain blain and to the effect of blain to imprint.
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