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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-30
Cosmetics processing has adverse reactions define < p> 2018 - cosmetic processing 08 - 15 18:06:58 < / p> a, cosmetics processing analytical cosmetics adverse reaction is what? Cosmetics adverse reaction is refers to the people in daily life caused by normal use cosmetics lesions of skin and its appendages, as well as the local or systemic damage human body. Does not include the production, the lesions caused by occupational exposure of cosmetics and their raw materials or adverse reactions caused by the use of fake and shoddy products. Who sold within the territory of the People's Republic of China adverse reactions caused by use of cosmetics, all belong to our country cosmetics adverse reactions monitoring scope of work. Second, cosmetics processing parsing produce adverse reactions to the main reason ( 1) Cosmetics health quality is unqualified, such as illegal add banned substances or restricted substances in the cosmetics. A large number of & other; 3 without & throughout; Sale products, without approval, health quality problem is more serious. ( 2) Consumers have allergic constitution, choose cosmetics inappropriate or improper use. For example, the use of cosmetics did not read product manual in detail before or didn't do the corresponding skin sensitization test. ( 3) Exaggerated propaganda, label and leaflets and mislead consumers, especially in the TV shopping and beauty salon services exist more exaggerated propaganda to sell cosmetics. ( 4) Beauty salon on consumers' improper use of cosmetics, delay in clinic and improper handling is still one of the important factors that cosmetic skin diseases caused by illness. Three, types of cosmetics adverse reactions, and judgment principle has issued 'cosmetic skin disease diagnostic criteria and principles of management of' seven series such as the national standard ( GB17149. 1 - 17149. 7 - 1997). Definition of adverse reactions, the principle of diagnosis, diagnostic criteria and principles of management of the specification. ( 1) Cosmetic contact dermatitis. Irritation or allergic contact dermatitis caused by cosmetics. ( 2) Cosmetics acne. After a certain period of time contact cosmetics, in local acne skin lesions. ( 3) Cosmetics of hair damage. After the application of cosmetics of hair dry, decoloring, broken, bifurcate, deformation or fall off, Does not include the special use for the purpose of depilatory cosmetics) 。 ( 4) Cosmetic damage. A strip caused by long-term use of cosmetics, a softening, a crisp, and a week dermatitis, etc. ( 5) Of photosensitive dermatitis induced by cosmetics. Caused by the combination of ingredients in cosmetics and light toxicity or light allergic dermatitis. ( 6) Cosmetics, skin pigment abnormalities. Contact local or its neighboring parts of the cosmetics or chronic abnormal pigment mutation in cosmetic contact dermatitis, after the retreat of photosensitive dermatitis induced by local legacy skin pigmentation or pigment loss. Consumers if the similar situation, suggest to immediately stop using cosmetics and timely to professional hospital.
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