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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-07
Discharge makeup water three common misconceptions about < p> 2017 - 10 - 21 15:06:00 < / p> 3 big often make make up water use error: wrong idea 1: alcoholic toner too stimulating, unfavorable use. Truth: many people will say that lotion contains alcohol is bad for the skin, but to some extent, the fact that alcohol lotion can remove excess oil and dirt from the pores, convergence pores to control oil secretion, and more suitable for oily skin. Because alcohol is volatile, take away the moisture in the skin, water quality of membrane, the long time use is not recommended, oily skin can be according to the season 1 - a week 2 times. And try not to choose skin is more sensitive to the MM is alcoholic toner. Make up water use erroneous zone 2: : use lotion must use make up cotton? Truth: make up cotton can indeed play a very important effect in clean skin, and excess water can also be used to apply neck, hand, does not fear the waste. But to pay more attention to oh, the choices and make up cotton texture coarse cotton piece is easy to damage the skin. And skin flap with hand pressure, the temperature of the palm can help skin to better absorb water nutrients, as well as maintain pore won't shrink. In general use type cleaning lotion with cosmetic cotton, protect wet model make up water is more suitable for pat to hands. Make up water use myth: brand based natural lotion will no stimulation to skin? Truth: brand based on natural water actually it contains ingredients, although the raw material is natural plant extracts, but still have some irritation. The MM of sensitive skin when choosing toner needs to do skin test first. Make up water also can not superstitious plant ingredients, should according to their own skin to choose suits own. So, for those who love beautiful MM, here give you a hint, must choose the right cosmetics manufacturer generation processing production
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