Before making up with isolation? Concern in a lot of girls

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14
Actually isolation protective air make-up products in addition to the actual effect, not the same as color protection for different skin color, there are also adjust the effect of skin color. But now the market protection is divided into two kinds. Is a kind of isolation milk did not reflect polishing effect, but have a certain protective effect. And another is to have protective and reflect two efficacy of skin color, so the protection when the choose and buy, be sure to clear their need to what kind of isolation. It is best to buy canned light according to, because this kind of protection are not afraid of extrusion and can be very good use. Meticulous milky colour and lustre, in view of the wipe to the face is very smooth, is not easy to rub the mud think, can improve skin condition before makeup, such as oily skin choose hydrating protection, accusing oil can reduce facial makeup caused by oil, make the foundation of later able to maintain a longer time, improve all the makeup look with makeup. Dry skin, the same can choose nourishing moisturizing hydrating isolation of milk to make the skin more and more jade-like stone embellish. So choosing protection must be fine. Selected application later can go Huang Meibai, also have certain flaw and the actual effect of isolation. Before making up must have to isolate milk? Believe that it is a lot of girls are careless step, in view of the protective effect is not clear, also save not quietly out of the step. People can often hear some beauty makeup said before to use protection, or it will cause damage to the skin. So before making up is a must to use protection, because the colour makeup product, the computer radiation damage this is for your own skin, but isolation milk have protective effect such as the external environment pollution, to prevent skin damage. This is most of the girl is very easy to steal lazy, some girls hate make-up or is in a hurry hurry but no makeup, are all under the application of protective light to illuminate the skin color, in fact it is able to completely. If sometimes hate makeup girl, still can simple with isolation, compared with the bare makeup, to hide facial defects, a skin look more stronger, and people will look neat and spirit. Due to the isolation milk there is no damage to the skin, and long-term make-up but will harm the skin. So sometimes don't want to make-up, or are some love naked makeup, feeling makeup inconvenience. Now the market has a lot of protection to Huang Meibai, smooth skin, implicitly the effect of the pores of the skin, there are also many non-ferrous plate protection can adjust the skin color, if skin strength is relatively good, immediately wiped the protection will be able to go out, are without foundation. Many girls besmear bask in isolation to discharge makeup, but are actually not touch cosmetics products, here, the cosmetics manufacturer co-packer XJ Beauty is remind you don't need to apply to discharge makeup products. Because of the protection itself is not easy digestion and absorption by skin, it is only as a layer of the original film, is the protective gas for the skin colour makeup product environmental pollution, but facial metabolism of plant oils mixed dust will cause the clogging in hair follicles, although said no need to discharge makeup, but will have to clear cleanser, remember whether colour makeup or naked makeup, must return home on the clean face before bed.
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