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Beauty Tips: What to Do If You Have Acne for U Wearing Protective Masks for A Long Time

Beauty Tips: What to Do If You Have Acne for U Wearing Protective Masks for A Long Time


Recently, because of the outbreak of new pneumonia Covid-19, it has become a social consensus to go out and wear a protective mask. However, if the mask is worn for a long time, problems such as heavy indentations, allergies and acne can easily occur. Especially recently, people have resumed work one after another and have been working for some time. Often, masks are worn for at least ten hours. What should I do to protect my face if I wear mask for such a long time? Today, XJ BEAUTY cosmetic manufacturer will teach you a few tricks to know how to avoid the hurt of wearing masks for a long time.


We wear masks for a long time, and the mist produced by breathing is directly in the closed facial environment. It is easy for bacteria to breed on skin that has been wet for a long time. The secretion of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands will also increase, but the bacteria environment will become more and more severe. This is actually the reason for wearing masks for sensitization and boredom. So we can look at the following aspects to reduce acne allergies.


1. Facial cleansing and moisturizing


In order to prevent the appearance of acne, everyone should pay more attention to facial cleansing when wearing masks. Facial cleansing is very important because wearing masks produces a lot of oil, so wash your hands before washing your face every day. You can use warm water to wash your face and choose a cleanser that suits you. If you have more fat, you can use soap. If makeup is applied, remove the makeup first, and then wash your face with a facial cleanser suitable for your skin. If you have oily skin, you can clean your face regularly with a wet wipe to wipe off part of the oil. Daily use of skin care products focuses on moisturizing, it is best not to wear makeup.


2. Healthy diet and daily life activities


Eat less heavy-taste foods and sweets in the usual diet, try to eat a light diet, reasonable combination of meat and vegetables, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to ensure vitamins and nutrition. Regular daily routine, do not stay up late, go to bed early and get up early, the resistance will come up and the skin will be better.


3. Acne care


If you have acne such as whiteheads and blackheads, it is best to apply topical retinoid ointment (this medicine is photosensitive and can be used before bedtime); if acne has formed, don’ t squeeze it. Good to consult a doctor for treatment.


4. Tips for wearing a mask


In general, masks that are dirty, wet, or worn over the age limit (disposable medical surgical masks are 4 hours, N95 masks for 1-2 days) are best replaced. But masks are too scarce at present, so it is helpless to extend the use time properly. When wearing a mask, pad two layers of medical cotton gauze on the inner layer. When you feel that the inner layer of the mask is a little moist, remove the gauze and replace it with a new gauze, which can extend the use time.


The above are the tips on how to wear masks to prevent acne and how to avoid hurting your face when wearing masks. Have you learned? XJ BEAUTY cosmetic manufacturers USA hopes that people defeat this virus as quickly.


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