Beauty &skin care new trend: intelligent beauty era, the future fight decline will be the next tuyere

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23

about beauty &skin care new trend of the market, many of them are you don't know, but the fact is the unexpected, such as: a

trend, China's women only accept a white covering the ugly? But do you know? Data showed that resistance to failure of the word search rate is as high as 30000000000 times, far beyond the whitening search heat.

trend 2, fight decline products are expensive, let consumers away? The survey shows that only five percent of consumers think the price is more important, while thirty-five percent of consumers will product efficacy on the first bit, so future fight decline would be beauty makeup industry under a tuyere! The establishment of the

and XJ Beauty can take the Beauty industry succeeded once again in the new heights! According to market research and advisory firm mintel survey pointed out that for every 100 adult females in our country, there are 86 want to seem younger than it actually is. The same survey also shows that 90% of women in China have taken various forms of failure.

25, all digital point in anti-aging

after the age of 25, the proportion of women choose beauty salon in our country is twice before the age of 25. And, as a result of population aging, 25 to 49 years old population proportion increase significantly. At the same time, China's cosmetics manufacturer market, the vast majority of new products are still stay in basic maintenance level, the appeal of anti-ageing products accounted for only fifty percent of the UK. Comprehensive market analysis, all Numbers, are pointing to the aging trend.

a tuyere has to, how to take off?

insight into China's women fight decline pain points, seize the opportunity of step 1.

survey showed that sixty-three percent of women believe in our country, the appearance of fine lines is the first signal of aging. Followed by the aging of signal is the skin is flabby, sixty-one percent of women are the elasticity of your skin feel anxious. Even if has a strong desire, women are no longer superstitious brand and price in our country, they have a more rational judgment standard - — Product efficacy. 35% of women think more important effect in our country, and the higher the income of women, the pursuit of more advanced effects. One of the 25 to 39 core users, are more willing to check before buying the product ingredients.

more than half of the exact data consumer trust certificates and certification of professional institutions. More and more intelligent applications

reduces the threshold of knowledge, the consumer is far smarter than expected. Statistic that consumers do not use the resistance to the cause of the failure products recently, also because - — More and more rational. At the same time, according to the survey, consumers are more rational look at efficacy. Twenty-five percent of users because products reach satisfactory results. In the face of our country female consumption idea transformation, cosmetics industry usher in a new turning point, anti-aging, firming and reduce fine lines and other advertising words, have obvious rising trend.

due to the rise of female consciousness of anti-aging, prospect of market order, consumers believe that the efficacy, force driving force become a marketing products, beauty and anti-aging research we do professional skin care products, grasp the market tuyere.

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