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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-27
Beauty is no longer in a fog pay < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:19 < / p> liaoning first 'beauty salon industry management measures' implemented years - — — Hairdressing muddleheaded money no longer 'xiao li, the new hair style is good, you how many money? '' 8. 8 fold, 580! '' oh, zha values so much money, with what medicine? '' I don't know, anyway is imported. 'This dialogue is no stranger to love beautiful woman, a lot of consumer to beauty salon and barber shop' deal or no deal ', they don't know how to spend. What you enjoy the service is really worth? Yesterday, the reporter learns from the provincial health department, liaoning first measures for the administration of the beauty salon industry will implement in this year, beauty, hairdressing according to practitioners of liaoning business facilities and service standards to differentiate different levels, and then formulate corresponding grade have services and related charges, let you clearly consumption. Plain code marks a price: money is no longer spend in shenyang have greatly small beauty salon not less than 2000, most beauty salon don't have a price list, and its basic not selling products store sales, consumers are difficult to discern its real value, how much is the beauty salon is how much money. After the fog will no longer have the condition of the money. The new measures for the management requirements, beauty salon, hairdressing must to plain code marks a price of hair beauty products, when providing services to the customer, the beauty salon supplies and equipment to use to show customers for customers to choose. Before the hairdresser a perm, for example, is the basic service charge of $200, once the customer choose other brands of cold wave, vendors can loose talk, said how much money will have to add how many money, there is no corresponding fee standards. The measures after implementation, the hairdresser will indicate a perm 200 yuan fee included in the basic essence of cold wave and so on product is what kind of brand, how much is the price standard, if the customer choose other brands, as long as the prices express in its standard instead of this brand is ok. Each kind of products and services must be plain code marks a price. Improve the threshold, must hold relevant certificates in catering unit work of the staff must have a health certificate, please, in the work of medical institutions must have a license, in liaoning province in the future work in the beauty salon industry personnel also must have a corresponding certificate. New method is put forward strict requirements: beautician and hairdresser after professional skill appraisal appraisal should be made 'professional qualification certificate', issued by the relevant departments of the related service personnel shall be conducted through the relevant professional organizations or institutions of training and obtain certificate of quality; Practitioners must go through the health examination, health authorities to work with the health certificate; People set up shop should have the ability to independently bear civil liability, a fixed place of business services, and business services that meet the needs of equipment and facilities and conditions such as beauty salon professional qualification. Safe and convenient: beauty, cosmetic is not in place in accordance with the stipulations of the previous related life is strictly distinguish between beauty and medical hairdressing, life and beauty salon is absolutely forbidden to medical hairdressing cosmetic business. Beauty salon and a new method of regulation, life under the preconditions of have a ( By the department of medical administration of the examination and approval, the Ministry of Commerce and industry of the business scope approved, have a certain operating environment, the employees have the appropriate conditions such as doctors' qualifications) For cosmetic and cosmetic business, this will be a big breakthrough. Trainee reporter GuanYanLing
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