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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-27
Beauty salon moved to the client may terminate the contract without authorization < p > 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:09 < / p > < p > I have been since last year to a beauty salon near my house to do beauty. Because of the close to home, so I again to prepay for a year in May this year grooming. Can in a week ago, beauty shop boss ryu notice I said because he and the landlord to rent a contract expires, they moved to a place more than 10 kilometers from my house. If to their new location to do beauty, I will waste a lot of time. I find ryu request refund, but he will not be refunded on the grounds that the fee is my voluntary. Excuse me: can I request ryu refund beauty fee pay? Reader: wang < / P > < P > wang: < / P > < P > you can ask ryu refund you pay in grooming. You pay for all of 2007 to ryu grooming, ryu accept have no objection to that, then form the verbal beauty services contract between you, you will have the right to undergo ryu at the prescribed time and place of beauty salon beauty services provided. 'Contract law' the one hundred and seventh regulation: 'if one party fails to perform the contract obligations or to fulfill contractual obligations is not in conformity with the contract, it shall bear continue to perform and take remedial measures or compensation liability for breach of contract', article one hundred and ten and the law: 'if one party fails to perform the debt or money do not money debt does not comply with the contract, the other party may require performance, except where any of the following circumstances: ( A) Law or in fact can't perform '. Only ryu and you agree, you can change the contract. Without authorization, ryu without the consent of your beauty salon moved away from your home belong to more than 10 kilometers away from the change in the location of the contract, is the default. < / P > < P > according to the rules, you can ask to terminate the contract, ryu shall refund the beauty charges, if he refused to refund, you can lodge a lawsuit to the court, the court will protect the legitimate rights and interests of you. ( Cheng Yongjie Hu Guangsheng) < / P >
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