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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-27
Beauty salon industry management interim measures have launched < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:41 < / p> on January 1, 2005, the Ministry of Commerce issued the 'interim measures for the hairdressing industry management' ( 'Method' for short) The formal implementation. It is reported, this is the first time the hairdressing industry in our country's industry management interim measures, including price, service, the qualification for the record and punishment management a series of content. Certificate is needed to be a hairdresser 'method' stipulated in article 4, operators are engaged in hairdressing operation, should have the ability to bear civil liability according to law; Has a fixed place of business; With the management services that meet the needs of facilities; Engaged in hairdressing services the hairdresser, hairdresser, and other professional and technical personnel, shall acquire the qualification certificate issued by the relevant state departments, other practitioners shall be conducted through the relevant professional organizations or institutions of training and obtained the certificate of quality. Hairdressing business operator shall have clear service scope of the project, and provide services in accordance with the extent of its services. Beauty salon is plain code marks a price 'method' regulation, before the consumers to accept beauty salon services, operators must to tell customers service price, at the same time in the process of service sales hairdressing hair care products should be priced. The hairdressing supplies and equipment for use shall show consumers, for consumers to choose. 'Method' special requirements, operators for consumers 'to provide true information, for consumers about products, services and other issues, should make a real clear answer, must not cheat and mislead consumers'. Beauty salon and sales service of all kinds of shampoo, hair care, hair color, perm and cleansing, skincare, make-up and other products as well as the corresponding instruments, shall comply with the relevant national product quality and safety and health regulations and standards, and shall not be used and selling fake and inferior products. Consumption voucher issued shall be the beauty salon industry will implement classification and grading standard, implements the rating system, promote the standardization and specialization of hairdressing industry; The hotel must be issued to consumers, the corresponding consumption vouchers or service documents. Put an end to erotic services 'method' stipulated in article 8, operators and employees shall not engage in illegal activities such as prostitution. Hc360 hc360 hairdressing industry channels
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