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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-09
Tianjin beauty salon industry star model shop standard issued by the < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:08 < / p> beauty salon industry association issued publicly to the society of tianjin star model shop article 16 standard, this means that has long hair and beauty industry management disorder, no standard situation will be broken, and the rights and interests of the rights and interests of consumers and businesses will get better. Today in the city's '2004 China · tianjin hairdressing MeiRongJie' according to the standard names will be announced at the 100 - odd hairdressing and beauty industry star model shop. In a few days, you can make the star shop to enjoy the beauty salon services, then you can not only in star shop free drinking water, free package, and give you use towels and other items are a one-off. According to the beauty salon industry association of tianjin wu xun secretary general introduction, the meaning of tianjin star model shop's standards have the following article xvi, every business area of over 80 square meters, the hairdressing salon opening time more than 2 years can all voluntary application, declare star shop. Star shop is valid for one year, subject to customer complaints is true after investigation, is in violation of article 16 standard will be removed. Substandard star model shop you can complaints article 16 criteria: first, law-abiding, civilized business, improve service levels, foster a sense of integrity. Second, the shop clean and tidy, elegant and comfortable, the function is all ready, have an independent customer reception area, service area and the staff lounge. Three, waiting area has provided customers read newspapers, magazines, and to provide customers with free water, during the period of service free package. Four, keep the store environment and health, guarantee the store fresh air and do shop, DianMao neat, clean and has a window with a toilet without peculiar smell, a person, time to clean. Five employees, with professional and technical level certificates issued by the state labor department and health certificate, and gradually achieve a technician led service. Maintain personal hygiene clean, decent, pay attention to personal hygiene detail. Seven, sanitary industry, disposable supplies to a guest to use, contact items have a guest a change, tools, appliances regularly do high temperature ( Or uv) Disinfection. Eight, employees did not drink at work, don't eat with peculiar smell food, fresh breath. Nine, staff wearing a work card mount guard, beautician and hairdresser assistant unified working clothes; Reception customers to use honorific civilization, the initiative enthusiasm, thoughtful, patient, service with a smile. Ten, ushers in the customer into the store, take the initiative to open the door, and out when you leave the store, and use honorific civilization 'welcome', 'thank you', to remind customers keep your valuables. 11, consulting services, consult the customer requirements, service, and reasonable Suggestions for the customer. Twelve, determine the service project, a staff, leads to the corresponding functional areas, and introduces the corresponding service personnel responsible for. 13, after the customer accept the service, service personnel, leads to silver checkout, the cashier should voice the amount in receiving and paying. 14, ensure that the use of products from regular channel replenish onr's stock, complete documents, do not use fake, shoddy, expired products, to protect consumers' rights and interests. 15, when using the product, according to the different situation of customers use appropriate to the product, do not blindly pursuing economic benefits, truly suitable is the best. 16, each store to plain code marks a price, public service projects, the sale price of the product, let customers understand consumption. Hc360 hc360 hairdressing industry channels
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