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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-25
Beauty products, and want to be careful with the < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:23 < / p> report from our correspondent: ( Implicit word XiaoQun) Nowadays, beauty has become a lot of beauty consumer choice, big and small, beauty salon and hairdressing supplies store sprang up. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter followed the municipal health supervision department of law enforcement in the phoenix street several hairdressing supplies store inspection found that just opened, hairdressing supplies parody phenomenon is more prominent. In the order of the phoenix street lane intersection with hole pay company a hairdressing supplies store, inspectors found the store sell hair dye 20 multiple colors only use a permission number. And in accordance with the relevant provisions of the ministry of health, hair dye is a special use cosmetics, use an approval number must be a color, more than 20 color should have more than 20 approval number. When law enforcement officials came to the gate of the phoenix street no. 44, glass 'Avon, l 'oreal, the United States was' more famous cosmetics brand, such as Chinese characters has attracted the attention of law enforcement officers. During the inspection, law enforcement officers found that the brand of cosmetics is not a problem, but the store sell at the same time from the logo like cosmetics from South Korea, Japan and other places found a lot of problems. Marked 'magic transparent powder' imported cosmetics, law enforcement officers found that not only the document of approval for imported cosmetics, even marking hygiene license and production license should write down, marked 'pure crystal gel cream' cosmetics approval number is expired in two years ago. Sales on sale of lip gloss, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, etc are not the cosmetics manufacturer and address etc. More surprising is visible in the doorway, even in the law enforcement officers found the cosmetics store sell health foods such as protein powder, vitamin pills. Hurried to claim is working personnel of a woman called the store just opened soon, the boss in Shanghai, in the shop, execute the law personnel also found a number of other foreign language writing, only without any Chinese label cosmetics. In is not far from the beauty shop 'love comfortable recreation women's beauty institutions', law enforcement officers found the beauty shop for beauty 'slim cream', 'burning body fat' high-quality goods in addition to write 'love comfortable recreation' no outer packing and marking, when asked about from where to buy these things, said to the girl 'match come from wenzhou. As for the beauty place should have public hygiene license and service personnel, and have health CARDS, head to the store 'has not officially open, certificate is dealt with in' to explain, in the hairdressing institution, law enforcement officers also found also put on the 'x protein' approval number for food food approved by the state and miss service for customer, first when asked to produce 'food sanitation license', Hilton is for my own use. Supervisors to remind, the status of the current cosmetic market is real good and bad are intermingled, so consumers must have ego to protect consciousness, to buy beauty products to take a closer look at identity, imported cosmetics with a Chinese label approval who makeup into word, involving the yukon hair, hair color, perm, hair removal, deodorant, weight loss, breast beauty spot, sunscreen, nine categories of special use cosmetics must have words written instructions to a subordinate who makeup. Suzhou news
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