Beauty makeup industry hot search word list: 2019 'of factory'

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
Balance is running 2019

until today

36 days before New Year's day from the Spring Festival of 2020 and 60 days

this year there's so much happening in beauty makeup industry

if you want to give 2019 beauty makeup industry find a hot search keywords

beauty makeup industry one of the word list

'of factory'

you cosmetics brand dealers

cosmetics factory on you looking for?

how to put the good products to consumers?

then you need to find a find it!


XJ Beauty

has two factories served 3000 + brand is

are you looking for 'of factory'

so what are the characteristics of factories?

a, conform to the legal norm

want to know about cosmetic factory is in accordance with the laws and regulations, the business license, cosmetics production license, legal information, and other kinds of documents, monitoring report and other necessary, legal compliance is so the premise of collaboration.

2, hardware power

every cosmetics manufacturer factory production machinery and equipment is different, so in the process of inspection, must be the size of the field to see the factory and research center of the team personnel and corresponding production equipment, professional equipment and workshop, clean degree, such as hardware strength is strong, is the precondition for the production of quality products, and embody the cosmetics processing cosmetics manufacturer of hardware facilities and the research on whether there is enough money.

three, software

a 'of factory' software strength, mainly displays in: the professional team and service attitude. Professional service team, can affect the production process to meet customer demand, as well as the production product after-sales service. XJ Beauty can have more than 3000 + brand trust us, good reputation and credibility based on dedicated service attitude for many years.

XJ Beauty can be very responsible to tell you, the above characteristics, we all have and on the basis of it, we have international standard laboratory and production workshop, through the international GMP standards, cosmetics manufacturer is available, so we have complete cosmetics manufacturer OEM production qualification.

create beauty: adhere to provide customers with professional cosmetics generation of processing services, each product inspection record, to ensure the product from the source to the safety of the hands of consumers, the international first-line brand formula, make every product has not only appearance, but also high quality, efficient, really for up 'of the factory' the title.

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