Beauty makeup enterprise whole 'makeup', how to find the strategy of the transformation in the online

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23

in the contest 'appearance' of the moment, the consumer is willing to spend money on 'face'. But the sudden outbreak of the Spring Festival of 2020, this should be an offline beauty makeup impact the performance of the golden age into a 'moment' to dark, and all walks of life to suffer varying degrees lockout, beauty makeup enterprise also because of policy control, offline traffic bring enormous impact, under this background, beauty makeup industry began to seek online transformation.

1, completes the online product marketing strategy 'selling point'

outbreak, make consumer demand information extraction, such as: in the past in product publicity positioning, enterprises with whitening mask, hydrating cream this description to locate product ability. But does not apply in the present environment, cosmetic enterprises need to have a word on the product information extraction's ability to hit, combined with user requirements change during outbreaks, completes the online product 'selling point' marketing strategy, adjust the selling point for 'repair mask face', instantaneous transmission point, intuitive, and cooperate with medical staff to send the product to epidemic care, make sufficient attention topic and word of mouth.

2, using electric business platform huaxianweiyi

beauty makeup the related report, rise of electric business platform has become a major sales channels, makeup former one live with goods contributed nearly 50% orders, create high conversion ratio. Different from traditional store operation, short video marketing, live with goods, social business, online integration mode gradually become the future direction of the transformation of the beauty industry. Many brand, in such a serious epidemic situation rapid expansion 'self-help', explore new retail model. By nailing + hand tao, WeChat + small programs, such as channel, achieve sales recovery, successful huaxianweiyi.

as traditional retail enterprise is speeding up online ecological layout, expand sales channels, 'live + electricity' undoubtedly become powerful gripper touch beauty makeup industry for consumers. Each big electric business platform to support policy one after another, lower threshold of live, to help businesses save the day.

3, seize the traffic economic age

search engine, information flow, short video, electricity is the flow of marketing is now the main mode of cosmetics companies selling products. During the outbreak, user behavior extended curtilage home, basically all is a hand to hand. According to relevant data show that during curtilage home, skin care retrieval requirements such as acne, beauty instrument, mask daily takes a relatively long project growth is most obvious. So in the era of traffic economy, cosmetics manufacturer enterprises should choose to suit their own sales channels, realize the search, pushing, and multiple marketing contact, precise coverage.

iteration and innovation of marketing soon, different environments have different requirements for marketing, enterprises must keep acuity. Cold winter will past, accompanied by chance in danger is the best argument for the crisis, depressed market will usher in the development of blowout, especially in this march, return to work the arrival of the tide, depressed for more than a month of shopping desire will erupt. Remaining the vitality, become only wave goodbye. In the face of China's enterprise whole 'makeup' new beauty makeup, you ready?

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