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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23
Want to have the compact overall massage face contour is also an indispensable step yo, the hands of the stomach begin at the center of the forehead down along the facial contour massage massage to the jaw and activate the skin. Reduce wrinkle firming skin, middle finger and ring finger gently press, slip along the zygomatic lower part to the temples to skin care and to fatigue. Middle finger and ring finger along the facial contour to ears back blow gently massage skin, make the chin contours to clear more sexy. - - - - - - - - - - - - The eyes and face is swollen swollen, 1) Slightly swollen, it's not that bad, 15 minutes each time, even with the banana puree, apply for three days, 2) A bit serious, use banana puree with astemizole a grain. A grain of astemizole grind into powder in banana puree, and apply the 10 - at the same time 15 minutes, once a day. ( 3) If more severe than the above, or don't have bananas. Can use cold water, add one to two grain of chlorpheniramine maleate, wet compression after apply face film paper ten to fifteen minutes at a time, and pay attention to face retook mixed with chlorpheniramine maleate from time to time of pure water, also not more than three days. Note: during the period of allergies, the first stop using all cosmetics manufacturer in the home, the second cannot use hot water washs a face, use cold water washs a face, do not use any cleanser, during the third allergies avoid is acrimony, excitant food, especially seafood kind of food, it is absolutely can't eat seafood kind of food. - - - - - - - - - - - - Long blain: there are two kinds of incubation period of the first kind is itself has acne skin, when daub skin to accelerate its metabolism, acne will to foreign minister, actually this is a good thing. When acne mature after discharge pus point, will be good; Then there is self can absorb these two approaches. Don't have to worry about so long blain. Another way is he itself long blain. Like the skin is not suitable to protect skin to taste, use high nutrition at this time the correct processing method is: must pay attention to clean, use type foam cleanser or sulfur soap, have clean and anti-inflammatory effects, the sort of greasy skin, acne, 长座 sore skin. - - - - - - - - - - - - Rash rash that facial subcutaneous prominent, red dot small bumps. Will appear this kind of problem, there are two possibilities: first: before she used absolute effect products. Can you understand what kind of product is the effect, what is used to whiten, spot, shine skin, when these products into the skin, can have certain stimulation, it has a detoxification process, definitely will appear rash; The second: makeup of women, often use colour makeup of women, and people who do not pay attention to clean, will be out, she will be the sort of little red rash or no color rashes, because the pore jams, her own a lot of dirt in the pores, blocked. Special populations of skincare man skin care most female skin care products can be used by men. The most basic function of men's skin care is cleaning and moisturizing, amino acid and betaine surfactant cleanser suitable for daily use most of the men. Middle-aged and old man on the face of the most obvious problem is that the color of skin dark heavy, pore is bulky and relaxation, can be anti-aging vitamin A alcohol. Pregnant women skin care ingredients and to avoid behavior: (1) vitamin A acid ( Especially take orally) ; (2) lipstick, nail polish; (3) hair removal, hair color, perm; (4) using current cosmetic instrument; 5. Aromatherapy and essential oil; 6. Sauna; All landowners massage. The most important, the infant child skin bask in the pram should use awning, children's outdoor activities during the day wearing a brim hat; Give priority to the choose and buy physical sunscreen. ( How to do a good job of sunscreen] Recently the weather gradually heat up, but do not think that don't work without early summer temperatures is prevented bask in! Because the sunscreen is needed all the year round, ultraviolet radiation is the greatest killers in the whitening flesh, primary culprit was the cause of color spot. So be prevented bask in ~ friends really is too important to use sunscreen every day?
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