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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23
Want to have the compact overall massage face contour is also an indispensable step yo, the hands of the stomach begin at the center of the forehead down along the facial contour massage massage to the jaw and activate the skin. Reduce wrinkle firming skin, middle finger and ring finger gently press, slip along the zygomatic lower part to the temples to skin care and to fatigue. Middle finger and ring finger along the facial contour to ears back blow gently massage skin, make the chin contours to clear more sexy. - - - - - - - - - - - - The eyes and face is swollen swollen, 1) Slightly swollen, it's not that bad, 15 minutes each time, even with the banana puree, apply for three days, 2) A bit serious, use banana puree with astemizole a grain. A grain of astemizole grind into powder in banana puree, and apply the 10 - at the same time 15 minutes, once a day. ( 3) If more severe than the above, or don't have bananas. Can use cold water, add one to two grain of chlorpheniramine maleate, wet compression after apply face film paper ten to fifteen minutes at a time, and pay attention to face retook mixed with chlorpheniramine maleate from time to time of pure water, also not more than three days. Note: during the period of allergies, the first stop using all cosmetics manufacturer in the home, the second cannot use hot water washs a face, use cold water washs a face, do not use any cleanser, during the third allergies avoid is acrimony, excitant food, especially seafood kind of food, it is absolutely can't eat seafood kind of food.
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