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Beauty Industry Trend: AI test makeup, the next high ground for competition?

Beauty Industry Trend: AI test makeup, the next high ground for competition?


Open the camera of the mobile phone, choose a different color number, you can see how you "painted" your favorite lipstick, which has become Fan Jingjing's new "planting grass" way. Fan Jingjing was originally worried that this method was not feasible, but did not expect to be very satisfied after the actual receipt. "No longer have to worry about buying lipstick online blindly, the original artificial intelligence technology has done so amazing."

Fan Jingjing is a senior lipstick enthusiast. She said that due to the sudden outbreak, online shopping has become the main way of shopping, but how to choose a beauty product that suits you is a challenge. After accidentally discovering the AI test makeup function, she felt that she had discovered the New World.

The reporter noted that since 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, many consumer companies have moved their marketing activities online. Live e-commerce has become a new form of shopping guide for the e-commerce industry. Beauty brands are undoubtedly the largest of this new business model. One of the beneficiaries, but faced the problem of not being able to try makeup online.

The demand for AI test makeup is coming out, and it has also attracted more technology companies to join. On April 13th, Tmall Genie fully demonstrated the application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of beauty care for the first time; on April 15th, Gwangsi Technology officially released the FaceStyle beauty industry cloud solution online, consumers can use one-click online virtual test Makeup; and in February this year, Meitu announced that it launched the "Meiye Chi Aid" program to provide free 10,000 beauty makeup companies with a 3-month online makeup test system.

"We see some statistics that more and more beauty products are used for online product experience, promotion and sales through online methods." Senior Vice President Zhao Liwei in an interview with the "Daily Economic News" reporter Shi said that the beauty industry (that is, the beauty industry, including hairdressing, beauty, makeup, and body care, etc.) is a large market of hundreds of billions of dollars, and the domestic growth rate is very fast. The emergence of AI test makeup allows consumers to experience beauty products in the easiest and most direct way, especially the beauty products themselves emphasize personalization.

Total store sales increased by 30%

Mankind's pursuit of beauty has never stopped, and it has developed to a higher level. This also makes the beauty industry a big market. In modern society, cosmetics, beauty cameras, live filters and plastic surgery have become the main ways people pursue beauty.

"When I first made this product, I went to the lobby of Beijing SKP twice, and once I entered, it was full of various beauty products, which is very surprising." In Zhao Liwei's view, this is a 100 billion-level market Compared with Europe and the United States, the domestic American industry is still at a stage of rapid development.

The "White Paper on Insights into the Purchasing Habits and Demands of Chinese Beauty Consumers" jointly released by the Kantar Consumer Index and the Amoy Beauty Association in 2019 shows that young women are more willing to spend money on beauty consumption, aged 15-24 The per capita spending of women in 2019 is 1713 yuan, while the growth rate of the Chinese male beauty market has reached 13.5%.

Through live broadcasts to bring goods, "lip lipstick brother" Li Jiaqi and other anchors really caught up, which also reflects the huge attention of the domestic market for the beauty category. On the other hand, if merchants want to persuade consumers to buy new products they have never used online, it is not enough to rely on the recommendations of the anchors, or consumers need to see the effects of their own use.

The huge market demand has led companies such as Meguro Technology to target this market. Zhao Liwei told reporters that in 2019 Meguro carried out the planning and research and development of FaceStyle. During the epidemic, consumers and merchants are calling for new ways to test makeup, and online test makeup has become a just need.

The reporter noticed that in fact, online makeup testing is not new, but in the past, the results have not been very satisfying.

Fan Jingjing told reporters that there are also some beauty brands and retailers that have launched online makeup testing functions on APPs. She has also experienced them, but most of them feel like patches. "For example, if I try a lipstick, this lipstick is attached to my mouth, the edges may be uneven, and it has not been deeply integrated with the texture and texture of the skin."

"After a well-known e-commerce platform launched the FaceStyle AI virtual makeup test solution, the total sales of beauty products increased by 30%." Zhao Liwei mentioned to reporters that unlike the previous AR test makeup, the addition of artificial intelligence technology has allowed online The effect of test makeup has changed dramatically. Take the online virtual lipstick test as an example. If you simply paste the color on the lips, the effect will easily "float on the surface". Through the combination of dense keypoint detection of the face, adaptive color fusion algorithm and 3D rendering technology, the open eye can make the lipstick color generated by the algorithm accurately fill the lips, the edges are clear, the lips corners fit, and the color reproduction is high.

In addition to ignoring technology, Meitu, which is more geared towards C-side users, has long been interested in this cake. At the end of 2017, Meitu launched the AI skin measurement related products. In April 2019, Meitu launched the "AI open platform" to provide solutions such as AR test makeup. Meitu then revealed that customers at Watsons can experience beauty products through the AR test function of the "Mitu Magic Mirror" equipped in the store, with more than 600 models.

Different product strategies

Although many companies have taken advantage of the huge space in this market, their respective play styles are different. Tmall Genie demonstrated the intelligent beauty care solution through the concept machine "QUEEN PRO" on April 13. The smart beauty mirror integrates smart hardware such as mirrors, hidden beauty lights, display screens, cameras, speakers, etc., which can realize multi-modal interactions such as voice, touch, gesture recognition, etc., and also has skin butlers, beauty suggestions, Image management, entertainment shopping and many other functions.

Defiance Technology and Meitu are presenting their products through software solutions. On the same day that Kuangshi Technology released the FaceStyle beauty cloud solution, Meitu released Meitu Magic Mirror Online. Meitu sources told the reporter of "Daily Economic News" that Meitu Magic Mirror has achieved support for both offline and online makeup testing services.

"At this time, we will not consider making our own hardware. If the offline store wants a similar makeup mirror, we can recommend some hardware product models. Mainstream tablet PCs are supported." Zhao Liwei told reporters that they were disrespectful. It is a to B company, which mainly encapsulates the algorithm capabilities through patterns to provide to B type customers. Industry users can flexibly access FaceStyle's APIs and SDKs to flexibly access e-commerce, social scene apps, H5, applets and other online platforms, as well as offline smart hardware devices.

An insider of Tmall Genie Smart Beauty Care told reporters that Tmall Genie Smart Beauty Mirror is more like a voice interactive assistant. In addition to simulating scene lighting, there will also be makeup tutorials. "Teach you while applying makeup and machine," can be understood as a "smart beautician". At the same time, it said that the hardware of the first generation of Tmall Genie only made a "model". The release of this concept machine mainly told the industry to have this ability. "The point is not that we make the hardware ourselves, but that the industry can cooperate with us."

"Positioning is a smart home product. In fact, it is the evolution of traditional products. Who doesn't have a makeup mirror?" The above-mentioned people also told reporters that the focus of Tmall Genie's smart beauty care is still the Home strategy, and the layout of AIoT should be done. Last year's Double 11 we proposed 'intelligent new species' because changes in people's lifestyles have driven changes in demand. Based on demand scenarios, the commodities themselves have evolved into 'new species'. "

Another industry insider told reporters that Meitu's related products focus on the application effect of cosmetics, and you can't try on makeup while trying. The online makeup solutions of Meitu and Despise Technology are currently focused on the user's purchase decision stage. At the same time, it said that there is a hardware carrier to open up the daily use before and after the purchase, and the entire beauty marketing path is the only one.

How will it develop after the outbreak of COVID-19?

"In addition to lipstick test colors, FaceStyle's AI test makeup also provides beauty functions such as blush, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, trimming and overall makeup." Zhao Liwei told reporters that consumers can test online with one click without leaving the house. Make-up, at the same time help merchants better display personalized product effects and increase sales conversion rate.

This has also become the two directions of commercialization of online AI makeup product solutions, consumers and merchants. Online has become a characteristic of people's lives during the epidemic. Whether the AI test makeup will be effectively continued after the epidemic has also become a direction of industry concern.

In a conversation with reporters, Zhao Liwei said that there are no concerns in this regard, and AI test makeup is aimed at a long-term business. "Even if there is no epidemic, apply the lipstick in the shop directly to your mouth, is there any hidden dangers? And it will be very troublesome to apply it on the lips. For merchants, the cost of trial installation is also greater . "

He also told reporters that what Defiant Technology wants to get through is the business closed-loop that consumers "think, see, try, buy." "From the consumer's understanding of this product to the enthusiasm for this product, the like of this product, and then the purchase of this product, and finally willing to share this product with others, the despised product may be combined with every aspect of it."

To the outside world, cosmetics and other industries seem to be far away from artificial intelligence technology. Zhao Liwei believes that traditional industries represented by the US industry still have to face the pain points of inadequate AI development tools, high technical threshold, and scarcity of AI talent and computing power to develop AI applications. Artificial intelligence companies such as Defiant Technology not only hope to empower the beauty industry through AI, provide new creative marketing methods, achieve drainage and brand marketing, and increase sales conversion rates. I also hope to use this as an opportunity to promote the accelerated landing of AI technology in traditional industries.

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