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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-27
Beauty of false advertising is a commercial fraud < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:16 < / p> Beijing will focus on cosmetics, cosmetic advertising, cosmetic effect propaganda disable medical term report from our correspondent ( Reporter Liao Ailing) Cosmetics, cosmetic ads will be incorporated in the key monitoring scope key regulation, the fake cosmetics, cosmetic advertising will also as a commercial fraud investigation. Held yesterday in the city industrial and commercial bureau, and standardize the advertising market convention city industrial and commercial bureau commissioner of AD ou fang revealed the news. Ou fang said that commercial fraud is to point to by publishing false information, false contracts and other forms of cheating and mislead consumers. State administration for industry and commerce and other 11 departments will strike at commercial fraud, to carry out rectification, illegal advertisement was formally listed in the commercial fraud. In addition to the illegal rate higher health food, medicine, the medical advertising, cosmetics, medical hairdressing, Internet advertising also be included in the key monitoring and regulation. 'Beauty institutions violations more now,' the tree said, so beauty services to focus on supervising the beauty, clamp down on those who has not obtained the professional license of medical institution 'to consumers in the face and body moving blade beauty salon. Beauty services in medical practice, according to the medical advertisements to monitor. False exaggerating publicity effect of the beauty services, the use of medical terminology, etc are illegal. In addition, some cosmetic advertisements exaggerate functions, making false propaganda for its utility, performance, use of guarantee in the name of another person, or by way of hints, such as using the contrast before and after, make people understand its usefulness is strong, the therapeutic effect of cosmetics or use medical terms should not appear. Ou fang, according to the relevant departments to combat the illegal behaviour of using illegal medical organizations, etc, to strengthen the supervision of cosmetics production enterprise, crack down on fake cosmetics. Will also establish a illegal advertisement publication system, multi-sectoral joint announcement '' advertising monitoring, exposure of illegal advertisement, tips, and reviews.
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