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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-27
Beauty doctor's practice to research, guangdong provincial health department to formulate relevant industry standard < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:26 < / p> Shanghai beauty cosmetics net yesterday ( 18) , the reporter is cosmetic industry will be how to guide and standardize the issue had an interview with an official in charge of health department of guangdong province. Said guangdong provincial health department deputy director-general of the Wang Zhiqiong, provincial health department has recently commissioned medical association of guangdong province beauty to help provincial health department to formulate industry standards, at present, the health department of guangdong province medical administration office have received relevant draft, doing further research after the provincial health department will introduce industry specifications. Industry standard for draft Wang Zhiqiong tells a reporter, at the end of last year, the department of health issued regulations of the state will live beauty is separated from medical hairdressing, medical hairdressing formal rules health sector management, and management of the beauty industry issued a set of rules. Provincial health department become after the department in charge of medical hairdressing, attaches great importance to the industry's standard management problem, specially commissioned American beauty association of guangdong province to investigate the status quo of the beauty industry, and assist in developing industry norms, experts have proposed a draft, relevant departments will be to supplement, modify the draft. Medical cosmetology organization of qualification examination, the doctor qualification examination, etc. Specific work will be carried out step by step. Wenzhou beauty beauty exist four disorderly in guangdong province medical association branch members, zhujiang hospital, first military medical university, director of the cosmetic surgery center director professor da-lie liu participated in the medical beauty industry present situation investigation and relevant standard drafting, according to his introduction, the first, second and third rate in wenzhou specialist hospital has a medical hairdressing, independently existing medical cosmetology organization in society are many, the wenzhou at the municipal health bureau for the record of medical cosmetology organization is about more than 100. Besides, there are some illegal medical cosmetology organization exists. Professor da-lie liu pointed out that the development of beauty industry in wenzhou has been walking in the forefront, positive place, but also there is a 'mess' problem. The concrete can be summarized as four points: some do not have the attending doctor qualified personnel for cosmetic surgery; Some do not have medicine for healing beauty life cosmetology organization beyond business qualifications; Some other places, even abroad to the beauty of professional experts in cosmetic surgery, such as digestive department professor do have nothing to do with beauty professional cosmetic surgery, etc. In addition, the cosmetic advertisements often also have some message of pseudoscience. Industry admittance strictly as a result, the industry standard drafts drawn up by American beauty association in the southern province of guangdong, the 'four' are put forward. According to professor da-lie liu, proposed in the draft of the government departments to 'access' of medical hairdressing industry strictly. First of all, the future beauty doctor qualification certification, professional 6 years engaged in cosmetic doctor didn't have the qualification for the attending doctor, is not enough conditions take part in the training and examination; Whether beauty institutions have business qualification to certification, health department approved a batch of before, but its disinfection measures whether meet the requirements, staffing and other conditions is it needed to decided; In addition, foreign, foreign experts come to wenzhou in the cosmetic industry should be conducted by the local health department for its qualification identifying; And beauty advertising, in addition to the need for examination and approval of the Ministry of Commerce and industry, should also be recognized by experts.
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