Beautiful strategy: out of the 'acne' myth

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23
Long blain blain, insist on using acne-prone skin dedicated washing soap or cleanser - they don't contain soap and alcohol composition, no stimulation on acne again. In addition, clean the skin cannot be excessive, because clean excessive stimulation cells secrete more sebum, form a vicious circle; Discharge makeup, clean face must be separately, because only contain oil discharge makeup fluid can thoroughly remove belong to oily cosmetics manufacturer. Want to use special sponge auxiliary washs a face, make oily skin clean. The cleansing fluid in the palm, rub out the bubbles, reoccupy sponge make bubbles increase with sponge from around the neck, mouth, jaw, face, cheek, the place such as the bridge of the nose in order brush, finally use warm water wash away the bubbles, and then pat your face with cold water. Beautiful strategy: out of the 'acne' myth 1. Many girls in order to beautiful, to beauty parlour crowded, scratching, grasp the blain blain, thus cause the invasion of the bacteria. Need to call your attention to is, don't want to squeeze acne, lest cause fester inflammation abscess has burst one by one after forming marks and pigmentation. Don't often use hand touch your face, Face scratchy also don't touch) , ready to wet wipes, itch when apply on the face; But don't rub. After washing a face don't face with a towel, and should apply the water on the face. 2. Don't abuse the so-called folk prescription. Have a lot of girls find eliminate acne remedies, his face as a testing ground for Monday, soon, blain blain is more red, the thief more thick. 3. Don't use concealer and foundation. Some girls use concealer and foundation to cover, this also is not a good way to one so it will make the infection of blain blain, not easy to get rid of toxins.
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