Be careful! When buying cosmetics if you don't know these, you could easily buy fakes

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27

with the development of The Times, women buy cosmetics also more and more users, and purchase channels are changing, and many merchants to see such a huge market, will take away the in the mind, make bad products to sell on the market, the female users when buying cosmetics should pay attention to what issues? To avoid to buy fake goods? Today XJ Beauty small make up with the fall of his past experiences tell you!

1, good cosmetic quality of a material should be fine, see with the naked eye in the bottle of bottle of makeup quality is not easy. When you want to test: test method is to wipe gently with fingers, evenly apply a thin layer on wrist joint activities, then the wrist move up and down several times. After a few seconds, if cosmetics manufacturer can evenly to the skin, and skin without any stripes trace on the wrist, that is a kind of delicate cosmetics; Otherwise, if it occurs, or a rough or granular, the cosmetic quality of a material is not so careful.

2, the colors should be bright, the so-called fresh is to see if the color of the cosmetics bleak, if the texture is very good, and colour and lustre, lacklustre, may be due to improper dyeing in the manufacturing process, deformation and color matching. May also be a product inventory time is too long, more than life. Therefore, be especially careful when buying cosmetics color and luster.

3, smell is pure: cosmetics manufacturer smell does not mean that the smell of the need to aroma, but need not pungent peculiar taste. Pure cosmetics fragrance, elegant and pleasant fragrance too much, is often caused by excessive spices, caused by cosmetics. Storage time is too long, texture, color and aroma will change due to chemical changes. Some cosmetics smell is very weak, it's hard to smell on the skin.

buy cosmetics manufacturer, cheated is not terrible, afraid is unable to identify himself, when the time comes to buy inferior products with bad face is painful, so must be careful when you buy cosmetics!

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