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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-01
Bath products not qualified to hurt you hurt in the 'fur' < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:04 < / p> Chinese consumers to the clod Wan Xiaodong shampoo your hair, bath let you fragrance everywhere. They to moisturize the skin, remove dirt and improve the excellent characteristics of the human body odor, loved by consumers. Recently, however, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of shampoo, bath liquid to national product quality supervision and spot checks found that when some products cannot have the effect of descaling, some products even damage the skin and hair. The expert warns customer, cleaning supplies direct contact with the skin, unqualified products are easy to cause harm to the body. 5%. 6%; 2%. Spot checks found that some of the enterprise technical force is weak, poor equipment, is still in the illegal production, even produce fake and inferior products. Spot checks found quality problems include: (1) excess acidity of some products. Parts of the body pH show neuter slightly acidic state, acid is too large for both the skin and the hair will damage. But the spot check in chengdu xingda daily-use chemical plant production of 'long hua' brand aloe shampoo, Shanghai love makes daily chemical factory production of 'Denton' remove the filings shampoo and other two kinds of shampoo products and wenzhou baiyun district FengCai cosmetics factory production of 'gone with the wind' brand beauty white mite bath dew, 'Pan Shi' brand whiten skin health bath dew, Shanghai mei LAN cosmetics factory production of 'My Land' brand meilan milk bath dew excess acidity of three kinds of bath products. Such products may have certain harm to the skin effect, the expert thinks, the main reason for the excess acid is due to some unreasonable enterprise technology formula, technical strength is insufficient, not strictly for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products inspection, caused the product the acidity of the deflection. Second, the partial products of low content of active matter. Active matter content determines the quality of products decontamination effect. The spot checks found that chongqing lili the silk cosmetics co. , LTD production of 'the wire' brand pearl aloe bath dew, wenzhou baiyun district FengCai cosmetics factory production of 'Pan Shi' brand whiten skin health bath dew, wenzhou song fine chemical co. , LTD. Production of shower gel three bath products such as the total content of active matter do not meet the standard requirements. Is mainly due to the excessive considering the products of the production cost, lead to products of the indicators can not meet the standard requirements.
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