Autumn skin maintenance

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
The arrival of autumn, a lot of sister haven't reaction to come over from the summer skin care, autumn will begin to understand how to maintain the skin. In autumn the weather is dry, girls skin are very easy to appear the phenomenon of water shortage. Autumn day and night temperature difference is bigger should pay attention to skin cleaning because of autumn day and night temperature difference is bigger, the hot and cold weather to cause a decline in the skin's ability to resist, which can lead to skin vulnerable to bacterial infections to the outside world. Autumn skin how to maintain? Should first start from the skin clean and choose better cleaning ability, weak acid cleanser to clean facial skin, it can effectively remove the face cleanser for cleaning ability will not be caused by dirt away too much moisture in the skin, causing dry skin, pigmentation, skin allergy, etc. Autumn skin still need to pay attention to prevent bask in autumn gradually thick, cool weather let sister often ignore the ultraviolet ray in sunshine. Autumn skin how to maintain? Actually fall the ultraviolet ray in sunshine is very strong, if you don't pay attention to prevent bask in the skin of sunburn, skin aging in advance would happen. And tanning in the fall so fast without summer white back, the weather turns cool skin metabolism also follow become slow, so must remember sunscreen half an hour before going out. Should be added skin moisture autumn autumn air is dry, with morning and evening temperature difference is bigger, cause skin skin pores, the skin the sebaceous glands and sweat gland secretion decline, resulting in dry skin. Skin aging in advance is the biggest factor is the skin is dry, so how autumn skin maintenance also should pay attention to the skin hydrating and moisturizing, namely, toner, essence, lotion and moisturizing cream 1 can't be little, keep doing at least three times a week in the autumn hydrating mask, so as to keep the face normal normal supply water. In autumn, autumn skin need toner many sister even daub the moisturizing cream or found not long after the skin is peeling phenomenon, which makes girls wonder autumn skin how to maintain? Moisturizing cream while you can actually let girls skin temporarily appear water embellish, but moisturizing cream molecular density is bigger, is not easy to be absorbed by the skin. Apply moisturizing cream can only take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, want to fundamentally solve the skin desquamate phenomenon, first of all, you should use make up water, because water penetration ability, the strongest instantly absorbed by skin. On the choice of lotion, can choose chamomile, aloe vera and oat the composition such as make up water, will make up cotton with make up water, and then posted on the part of the skin is dry, if economic conditions good sister, you can use compressed facial mask for skin filling water. Autumn skin maintain indoor use humidifier autumn skin care is best used in indoor humidifier, it is because the autumn air is dry, dry air will take away the moisture in the skin, the skin lacks water for a long time can cause skin eventually form the phenomenon of dry skin. The sister of indoors for a long time, can use a humidifier in the table, wet dry air, autumn is also a method of how to maintain skin. Autumn autumn drink black tea to maintain skin how to maintain the skin? Can drink black tea, because tea contains rich trace elements in manganese. Manganese element can guarantee the normal skin leather fat metabolism, so as to avoid the phenomenon of dry skin, black tea also can promote the vitamin B6 savings within the liver, strengthen the function of human body against dermatitis, prevent the skin allergy in autumn.
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