Autumn skin alert to five pitfalls

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
As the saying goes, 'a turbulent, used to describe the characteristics of autumn skin also is very appropriate, because a year the four seasons, autumn various skin problems. Guangzhou Chinese medicine hospital dermatologist Liu Minyi attending doctors warn, autumn morning and night temperature difference is big, the dry air, climate change as a direct result of sebaceous glands and sweat gland secretion decline on the surface of the skin, the skin stratum corneum moisture decreased, so the autumn especially easy to dry, tight skin, serious water shortage will appear the phenomenon such as peeling, desquamation, and itchy. But many people still in the continuation of the summer skin care methods, such as the following five pitfalls be especially vigilant. 1. Clean excessive: summer heat, sebaceous glands, sweat gland secretion increased, sweating, skin give oil are serious, so the summer skin care products tend to have very strong ability to clean, but autumn temperature is low, the sebaceous glands and sweat gland secretion decreased, facial ministry skin is exposed to air, excessive clean will damage the protective layer of skin, make skin water loss, easy to cause skin sensitive, red, dry, peeling, desquamation, red is aggravating, coupled with the autumn air is dry, more prone to wrinkles. We should choose a mild cleansing milk and moisturizers, and are not frequent and excessive wash your face. 2. Without sunscreen: autumn has become cool autumn weather, the sun is not so strong, a lot of people go out not to wear sunscreen, cause the skin dry more and more, more and more black. Autumn sunshine is not strong, but the sunscreen is to be used, because of the sunburn is the sun's uv rays, ultraviolet (uv) whether it's summer or autumn and winter. 3. Abuse of chamfer simple product: autumn dry skin peeling, some people often use the chamfer simple product, the result corneous layer is more and more thin, the skin is more and more sensitive, finally formed a sensitive muscle. Autumn peeling skin is dry skin problems, we should do a good job moisturizing, moisturizing, not chamfer. 4. Excessive use of whitening products: experienced a summer sun, the skin also become no longer pure white, even face freckles, chloasma, so many people in this time use whitening skincare products to whiten the skin. But a lot of whitening skin care products containing mercury, arsenic and other toxic elements and hormones, can damage the skin and is easy to cause allergies. 5. Excessive hydrating: filling water is important, but can't because of autumn dry skin, apply hydrating mask every day, this will lead to excessive skin hydration, affects the skin barrier function, skin become sensitive, easy long acne. From legal network
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