Autumn is coming skin still need to prevent bask in

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
Bit cold, a bit dry, 'autumn' in imperceptible in near to us. Change garments according to the time of skin care is the most let people have a headache, dry, sensitive issues like no matter which appears on the face, the efforts of the summer became a mirage. At this moment you can no longer continue to summer that a set of skin care solutions! Here, life's a autumn skin care kits series, for different parts of the skin care, find a different focus, perfect accurately focus on centralized repair, let this beautiful autumn still! Many people think, summer uv strong, should pay attention to prevent bask in, of course. But the weather is getting cool, sunscreen has just finished, few people would go to 'cover'. In fact, even if the fall, we still should pay attention to prevent bask in, this is about all the year round, is every day. Autumn sun tips ( A) Shouldn't change does not change a lot of people think, sunscreen anyway, will not be absorbed by skin, should come to also won't have any big effect. In fact, according to some dermatologists said, a lot of sensitive because of the inappropriate sunscreen. Although sunscreen composition is simple, also will not be absorbed by the skin, but and the skin is a 'break-in' process. Like some masks, you wearing a breathable, comfortable, maybe it will be some adverse skin reaction. So, if you use a sunscreen, don't change easily, Suggestions for long-term use. Some protect skin to taste is used long, skin produced certain 'immunity', as if doesn't have much effect, it is should be replaced. And sunscreen is not the problem, but the skin will have a 'memory', it is adapted to a sunscreen, if you change easily, may have the opposite effect. Autumn sun tips ( 2) This change or have to change, of course, say try not to change sunscreen, it is not absolute. Because summer to autumn, there will be a season conversion problem, uv intensity and life work and rest, will have a relative adjustment. If it is not in accordance with the actual situation to change, may actually make sunscreen has become the burden of the skin. Should be in favor of the summer, we usually use SPF30 sunscreen, if long-term exposure to outdoor, the index can be higher. In autumn and winter days, ultraviolet intensity may not be so big, and similar to swim and so on also become less. We recommend, SPF index can be adjusted to 15 Between 25. Because the index is higher, to the skin, the greater the pressure is also, so too is not necessary. And qiu dong season, buy a contains SPF index of foundation, is also a good choice. For the summer, the foundation may be too thick, a sweat easy difference, but the good thing is kill two birds with one stone, qiu dong season, can prevent bask in, can modify the skin again. Autumn sun tips ( 3) Who is leading change and don't change? Whether or not to change? In fact, you have to ask your own skin. Each person's skin will have differences, so are not absolute. Different color of skin race, for example, the structure of the skin is not the same, also will be different to the requirement of sunscreen. In the most simple data, the same uv intensity, white skin of European and American women will appear the symptom of sunburn, 5 minutes, yellow skin of Oriental women can support 15 minutes, the difference was more than three times. So the skin slants white students, more attention should be paid to prevent bask in, and can raise SPF appropriately. For example, oily skin should choose liquid sunscreen penetration is stronger; Dry skin should choose the sunscreen cream frost; Normal skin are both appropriate. And different season, your skin may be different, maybe summer is oily, but autumn winter day would be neutral, so whether the adjustment is prevented bask in a product, or want to see the skin of the individual.
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