Autumn hand cream these magical function, you pass in general

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
Summer is coming, autumn be far behind, not shout the autumn wind blows, hand skin fold miserable. Dear little princess, ready to your hand cream, let XJ Beauty with small make up take you to see the wonderful use of a hand cream! ! ! ! Hand cream, is a more portable than body lotion, simple things than to protect skin to taste, and we, as a woman must be ready to take on things. ! Hand cream is a kind of both can heal and smoothen skin, dry, and effective prevention and treatment of qiu dong season hand rough dry skin care products, qiu dong season often use can make skin more tender moist hands. 1. From electrostatic and coarse hair a lot of MM's hair is maomao rough rough dry hair, so is very upset, especially in dry season in the spring and autumn, but also produce electrostatic stick on clothes, particularly annoying! If you have a right hand cream on the side, apply adequate amount to the hand lotion on the palm, rub evenly after the smear on the hair, can not only provide nutrients to the hair, and eliminating static electricity and the problem of coarse. Suggest not to use too thick hand cream. 2. Shoeshine it if there is dirty dirt on leather shoes, especially during the trip, and don't want to wear dirty shoes go out, but could not find a professional cleaning products, you can use hand cream to clean. To wipe away the dust on the surface of the leather shoes, and then a dab hand cream on it. With a paper towel wipe divide evenly, then dry in ventilated place, without shoes will become clean again for a while. Whether to burn or expired hand cream can be used. 3. Wipe the mirror mirror can sometimes be foggy in the home, how can't wipe clean, dry cloth on hand cream coated with expired, and a mirror of one's will become bright and magic find mirror. Finally, small make up warm reminder: hand cream can't face, if your hand cream to the face, will make dry skin dry, oily skin more fat. Because different skin on the body area of the cuticle and moisture content is different, so the hand cream and facial cream in composition is discriminating during development. So no matter under what circumstances, try not to use hand cream to clean face.
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