Autumn baby skin dry how to do their special hydrating method the hemp that quick get up

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
Skin dry autumn, many people's skin will quickly become dry and even peeling, even a newborn baby has a lot of dry skin, autumn baby skin dry how to do? A baby, the reason of baby's skin is dry skin thickness of the thin tender baby skin, only a third of adults, so any stimulation can cause the baby skin does not adapt, such as climate change, the thickness of the clothes to dress material change and other factors, can cause baby's dry skin. Baby oil secretion of little baby from birth to about 2 months this time, because the hormones from mother by fetal period do protection, sebum secretion is relatively strong, but the baby was born, the original 'shielding' gradually disappeared, the baby's sebum secretion could be rapidly reduced, thus easy to cause dry skin problems. Baby water demand their sweat pore density is high, and often very active, causing the baby body moisture evaporation is big, the demand for water is more also. If you don't timely filling water, the baby's skin is easy to appear. External factors such as climate, environment change after autumn precipitation decreases, the sun is strong, and humid air is also become don't like summer, but the baby's skin adjusting ability and the resistance is weak, so dry also has become a universal in the baby's skin. Second, baby hydrating points in order to 0 Hydrating method baby is 2 months period, can begin to add water to him. After the water to boil, while waiting for the cool water to lower than the temperature, can give the baby to drink. In general, baby 20 ml, about 1 week to 30 - two weeks 50 ml, 4 weeks later can drink 60 ml. Specific amount in accordance with the actual situation of the baby. About 3 months baby hydrating method for 3 months, in order to let the baby gradually began to eat away from milk, can begin to let him drink some fruit juice diluted. Fresh or raw juice can be in the home, dilute quantity would be about water juice ratio 2:1. On the amount of feed must be controlled, otherwise it will affect the normal appetite. About 4 months baby hydrating method after 4 months, babies can begin to drink a little soup, broth. Note in addition to need to dilute, skim off the oil on the soup should also give the baby to clarify the part. Before weaning baby hydrating method after weaning, the baby's largest water supplement derived from milk, so after weaning, in addition to the previously mentioned juice, water, etc. To continue feeding, can start to add milk, amount of at least 2 times a day. Three, the basic principle of filling water boiled water to darling is the best water supplement for the baby, especially for newborn babies, plain water is the best filling water. Because water is one of the six major nutrients, not only to supplement the baby lost fluids, and heat dissipation, regulate water and electrolyte balance and so on the many kinds of efficacy. 1 day consumption control in 10 - weight 15%. Taste to light no matter what to give the baby to drink filling water, should pay attention to in the beginning, and water to dilute, the baby drink taste must be light, low sugar. Because sugar is too high for the baby's intestines and stomach, teeth, makes an impact and appetite. Maintain indoor air moist air dry autumn, adults are easy to dry on the face, and is only a third of adults baby skin thickness, so keep indoor air moist, can reduce the rate of baby's skin is dry, put a humidifier in the room is a good choice.
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