Astaxanthin | so strong antioxidant effect, to heaven?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23
In the 21st century is the century of antioxidant

if the tang's monk

even if there are 100 sun wukong

live but tomorrow

both women and men are afraid of old, now a lot of new ingredients or cosmetics manufacturer brand new series, basic will give priority to with antioxidant.

such as amway today astaxanthin series of skin care, compared with the traditional antioxidants can go against: the ability of scavenging free radicals, which are 6000 times the effect of vitamin C, vitamin E, 1000 times, 800 times of coenzyme Q10, beta Carotene 100 times, 320 times effect of tea polyphenols. 。 。

so strong antioxidant effect, indeed as expected to heaven.

'astaxanthin is what things? '

before that there are some small cute, don't know what astaxanthin is? Is extracted by shrimp? What is used for coating or internal and outside? Uh huh, gave the fairy a reason to eat small lobster, crawfish said sorry!

astaxanthin exists widely in nature, such as most crustaceans and salmon fish, plants, leaf, flower, fruit, and the flamingo feather medium.

web celebrity shrimp green vegetable really that god?

this part is the most concerned about his small lovely, well well well, astaxanthin is really god, such as: antioxidant, repair cuticle, repair sensitive flesh, to red blood silk, sunburnt repair, anti-aging wrinkle. 。 。

astaxanthin has many physiological functions, such as oxidation resistance, anti-tumor, cancer prevention, enhance immunity, improve eyesight, etc all have certain effect.

create beauty organic shrimp green vegetable O5

COSMOS organic shrimp green element

100% left-handed structure, 100% organic shrimp green plain, higher biological activity, high efficiency antioxidant

We have certificate of)

1, the network an overwhelming praise

trill, quickly, the little red book, watercress and overwhelming, much experience, are high praise, the five-star recommendation, small make up also is amway, many times, of course, also can't help but grow grass, aww ~ effects were super bang-bang dalai said very not ~ ~ please donate, used only a voice.

with astaxanthin after 1 week: skin bright and tender

with astaxanthin: after 1 month of full play embellish skin

march after using astaxanthin: skin firming up

Customer use cases)

2, 4 heavy briefing with honours students level of antioxidant

astaxanthin: one of the world's most powerful natural antioxidant

two cracked product yeast fermentation filtrate: DNA end of muscle repair

hyaluronic acid: the king of filling water

beta Glucan: long-lasting moisture

28 days visible change

1 light damage resistance

natural protective anti-inflammatory

2 antioxidant brighten

skin soft and white

3 tight anti-wrinkle

firming skin lift

Use effect picture 8)

test quantity to zero. 07%, free astaxanthin content is 5% of the shrimp green oil dementholized. Using astaxanthin cream 2 and 8 weeks after the canthus and fine lines to reduce at the moment.

3, best-selling astaxanthin, bring their own selling points

astaxanthin, due to its strong resistance to oxidation, many global cosmetics brand added natural shrimp green element as its super antioxidant components, including: Marine miracle, estee lauder, DermaE, especially Japanese brand kose ( 高丝) And fang kai ( 芳珂) , JUJU, FUJI, DHC and acnes, etc, has launched a special astaxanthin skin care series, moisturizing cream, anti-wrinkle eye cream, mask, concentrate, lipstick, etc.

say that contains astaxanthin ingredients of cosmetics manufacturer is their own selling points, XJ Beauty also received a lot of request contains astaxanthin as the formulation of cosmetics manufacturer brand, has been helping many successful brand research and development, production, processing, mature experience, strong strength, better service brands, welcome to order processing.

XJ美丽【 Organic shrimp green element O5] Reversing aging, sensational beauty fashion! So strong antioxidant effect, antioxidant effect really heaven!

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