Asian cosmetic investigation: Tokyo women makeup technology the most superb

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-19
According to 'Japanese economic news' website reported that Japanese cosmetics manufacturer brand allie ( kanebo) 17 issued a major Asian cities cosmetics usage survey. Women, according to the results of Tokyo shortest single makeup, but use cosmetics manufacturer sort is more, makeup most superb technique. Survey in October last year, according to Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Bangkok, New York, 1219 women aged 18 to 34 people were investigated. According to the survey data, Tokyo women single makeup time for an average of 14. 5 points, the shortest in seven cities; New York ( 15. 9) , Taipei ( 16. 5) Second, Seoul's longest for 21. 6 minutes. Tokyo (species of single use of cosmetics manufacturer 10) And Seoul ( 10. 6) Shanghai (the most, 5. 8) With Taipei ( 5. 9) At least, the Tokyo women are most good at makeup, so to speak. In addition, for whether to enjoy professional makeup every day, the highest rates of Beijing women said that, for 77. At least 4%, Tokyo women. Allie officials said Tokyo women's makeup as lubrication tools of workplace relationships.
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