Apply good day mask? How to apply the mask to get better effect?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21
Face film is more and more become indispensable to protect skin to taste life. So how to make the mask maximum effect that protect skin? Apply face film every day? Still? Small make up today XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer from three aspects to introduce to everyone apply face film. Mask every day apply good yao, how to apply face film effect is good? Film of face of how to pay will be better? A, mask, apply every day? In terms of cleaning needs, take a shower, wash your hair everyday is very healthy. The point is, do not use clean too bad products. Face wash everyday not just, still have to wash in the morning and evening. So, every day do clean, had not been apply face, with a focus on the product safety, do not stimulate the skin. Maintenance of demand, the skin is at any time to take care of the needs of protection, so the moisture, sun protection, anti-oxidation, whitening, acne, anti-wrinkle, etc. ( Different depending on the age and personal factors. ) And for every day, don't have a holiday. And maintain apply face, belongs to the special demand to strengthen the maintenance and emergency maintenance. Every day to strengthen the maintenance and also need according to some particular time, like to show excellent skin condition (before Before the ceremony, important activities before) Or severe injury ( After the severe sunburn, after fruit changes skin, after frostbite) 。 Every day if you want to have the most beautiful state, Like a star appeared at any time) As long as it doesn't produce excess nutrition or allergic itchy rash, shouldn't be a taboo concern. I more than once: the mask of preservatives, namely skin safety concerns. As a professional, concerned about consumers use safety, must be higher than the ability to care about consumers' pockets. How to apply the mask to get better effect, face how to apply the effect is good? Star apply face every day, even working on a plane, video neutral, driving on the way to apply face. I believe that in addition to is the result of the psychology of the beauty index on the high side, and the camera work have to do the work. The general office worker is very busy, Because each points every second regular ration housework and work) , in addition to work, evening, holiday, may even go out and recharge further growth. Even with all the free facial mask for you every day, still not sometimes or take the time to use! ( This is my heart) Came home from work every day, exhausted, there is a pile of unfinished, pending work with you to do housework waiting for virtuous. To give attention to both the beauty of the face, must have the maintenance of practical way. Fight for time, efficiency is an office worker, and intellectuals to accept the maintenance of the fashion. Apply face no matter what kind of purpose, before apply face skin clean, wound, skin disease, is a basic requirement. This festering ooze blood contains face blister, just as a high concentration of fruit changes skin and high-energy laser, such as broken skin are not directly using commercially available mask. Two or three years of shelf life mask, could cause the wound stimulus such as preservative, spice. To apply face the desired effect is obvious, there would be no must apply the impulse everyday or helpless. And effect, and sometimes by cooperate with props and method of adjustment. Ready to cling film, electric heaters, thousand towel, let's apply face. Three, face how to apply, the effect is better? 1 clean apply face target. Blackheads, bulky pore, headed by excluding oil mud paste mask. Goal 2. Dark skin, peeling horniness, headed by gel mask contains keratin decomposition enzyme. Apply a thick layer with cling film, insulation moisturize and soften the pore dirt, after 20 minutes, wash, wash a face with facial cleanser again. Clean skin meticulous visible. Whitening, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, such as deep maintenance, affixed cloth mask is first selection. With oil moisturizing cream is better. After apply with plastic wrap back cover thousands of towel, protect skin with electric heater heating temperature in winter, take off after 20 minutes, massage the face and neck with fingertips, make the skin lukewarm, to help absorption. Finally put on maintenance of the late frost at ordinary times. Within 2 hours after just apply face, don't rub sunscreen products.
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