Anti-pollution skin care products are popular, and many skin care brands have followed up

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-07
This concept seems to make money. Anti-pollution is becoming a new point of sale for skin care brands. In recent years, Dior, L 'Or é Al, Estee Lauder, La Roche-Posay, Avene, Lan Zhi, Olay and many other skin care brands have launched skin care products related to pollution prevention. On February this year, Chanel also released a model called D- Pollution protection essence spray. These skin care products all claim to protect skin from environmental pollution through some innovative formulas. For example, Lan Zhi claimed that they have a trademark called 'Dust Block', which can reflect the Dust in the air through this reflection principle; Procter & Gamble, after conducting clinical tests and analysis on more than 200 women living in Beijing, launched a product called 'night purification essence source liquid' in its brand Olay, said it has a unique resistance to PM2. 5 attached components. According to a report released by Ou Rui Consulting, the market for nursing products increased by 1. 1 billion US dollars in third quarter of 2018, mainly driven by anti-pollution skin care products. According to Mintel data, the number of anti-pollution skin care products released in the Asia-Pacific region increased from 1. In 2015. 2% to in 2016. 7%. Anne Lynn S, a dermatologist at Stanford University School of Medicine. Chang published a paper in 2016, comparing two groups of adults over 50 years old living in Germany and China. The study found that, tiny contaminated particles interfere with the normal redox state of cells and damage mitochondria that affect the metabolic level of cells, which may promote the generation of freckles. Elizabeth Tanzi, clinical assistant professor of service at the University of Washington School of Medicine, also said that long-term exposure of skin to polluted environment will cause low-grade inflammation and may damage skin health in various ways such as accelerated aging and pigmentation. Some researchers also suggested that some protective skin care products can be used to isolate the irritation of air pollutants to the skin, however, there is no research to show how much damage caused by pollution these products with anti-pollution protection function can reduce the skin. For women, sometimes buying skin care products is just to exchange for a kind of peace of mind, so that they feel that they are fighting against aging or deteriorating skin. Caroline Hirons, a British beauty blogger who used to work for Clarins and chantica, said that the best marketing method for skin care companies is to make people feel that they have neglected some problems, and because of this kind of neglect, I am in some danger. She thinks that anti-pollution skin care products are definitely a gimmick. As long as you can finish the basic skin cleaning operation every day, do a good job of sun protection or take another vitamin C, maybe you don't need any anti-pollution skin care products.
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