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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-28
Analysis to improve the enterprise profits cosmetics co-packer < p> 2018 - cosmetics generation plant 08 - 28 17:56:55 < / p> due to find cosmetics OEM factory cooperation, the product cost is can control yourself, and the cost is very low, has many brands become the preferred way of cooperation. Many international big brands have chosen cosmetic processing. In addition, the state and the food and drug administration in the processing of cosmetic industry in recent years out, close the unqualified co-packer cosmetics, there are also many famous cosmetics co-packer are willing to invest in production equipment, environmental protection, product quality raw materials, such as security, the promotion enterprise strength, for example. Don't know there are many do cosmetics cosmetics processing, cosmetics processing is actually costs down, the best way to increase profits. Every time for fair, there are always some brand chamber of commerce asked, what are you here? I don't know what is the generation of processing such as cosmetics, the brand should be the agent of some brands, if good sales channels, I suggest looking for cosmetics plants produce their own brand products is best, because the agent for the other brands, profit was taken from the upper, middle and cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer production product cost can be their own control, to further control the cost and get more profits. Now a lot of brand agent will find cosmetics generation processing factory cooperation, so you can save a lot of human resources and produce capital, is the ideal ratio of performance. Cosmetic processing enterprises is in the supplier has yield function, cheap labor, can strengthen the yield function of broad knowledge, etc. , and other processing level of key details, and businesses need to consider new product structure, and the problem of product batch capital through this kind of low yield, brands use price advantage in the fierce competition in the cosmetics market to expand the market, to increase corporate profits.
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