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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-28
Analysis to identify whether there are some power generation processing cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer < p> 2018 - generation processing cosmetics 10 - 15 10:29:26 < / p> detailed investigation is the cosmetics factory strength processing cooperation is very important, why do some manufacturer to attract business, to make their own false or exaggerated propaganda, so customer need on-the-spot investigation, through on-the-spot investigation to really understand the manufacturers strength, and the in-depth understanding, also is helpful for future cooperation for both sides. Need to investigate what power generation processing cosmetics factory? First of all, research and development strength, cosmetics processing plant r&d engineer qualification? R&d engineer experience? Where a professional strengths? Because r&d strength determines the quality of the products, also can meet the product requirements of many customers. Secondly, measure performance: the size of the performance also determine the size of the cosmetic processing factory, but the factory is big, does not represent strength; of small, also do not represent strength is poor. The concrete analysis. But high performance factory is large, the customer, customer also showed more recognized the factory, so they can see side factory strength. But large manufacturers, the customer is much, also have requirements, to order the minimum quantity is higher than general factory will, this leads to the factory don't accept some customer order quantity is little. Again, production facilities, production equipment, facilities and complete testing facilities? Is the advanced facilities and poor facilities? Maintain well? Improve the production system? Layout is reasonable? Are there any complete ( The factory will check required for the project) Checkout room? Have a corrosive production workshop and laboratory air filter system? Has not related to cosmetics manufacturers through the national certification? Health standard for cosmetics factory? Through ISO22716, GMPC certification? Hundreds of level production workshop? … Plant health environment hygienic standards? Factories drain and sewer system accord with environmental protection principles? Professional engineers for research or to engage in professional development conform to the standard of all kinds of cosmetics for the customer experience? Laboratory ( Laboratory) Equipment? Whether to meet the development requirements? Scientific? Such as for product stability test or heavy metal test, lab can do it? Product control: is there a product quality monitoring department? QC process is based on what principle? ( In theory, but by the sensitive, scent, feeling and the effect of product, such as whether manufactured goods like the sample) , whether to have entrust the third party inspection agency for related project practice? Water treatment equipment: the presence of water treatment system ( Because of the production water quality directly affect the cosmetic product quality) 吗? Monitoring system is perfect and effective implementation of the water? Due to protect skin to taste in the moisture content more, if the water is not clean, can make skin care of sensitive increase, affect the product quality.
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