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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-29
Analysis to find some cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer must understand packaging material knowledge < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer 08 - 17 09:23:58 < / p> do cosmetics processing will involve packaging, today about the glass bottle in the application of cosmetics packaging materials. From wenzhou co-packer for cosmetics packaging material supplier in the understanding, the cosmetic cream, emulsion) Mainly glass bottles, perfume, essential oil, nail polish, because this kind of cosmetics generally smaller, but more than 200 ml capacity is not suitable for use glass bottles. Glass bottles of 2 kinds, respectively is narrow mouth bottles and jars, narrow mouth bottle are mostly applied to emulsion or water-based paste, according to many years of experience, cosmetics co-packer narrow mouth bottle with pump head, if you have the lid need to plug in, thicker emulsion with big hole plug, water with holes in the plug. Everyone know glass is very fragile, whether its own quality or external factors will be affected, such as the bottle thickness, the temperature too high too low, transport in the process of collision and so on. Therefore, in the processing of cosmetics, glass bottles for filling the reasonable capacity test, and ensure the safety of the glass bottles in transit will open the bottle powder, paper in the product box should also be equipped with color box, and within the box, it will have vibration proof. Glass bottle production cycle is long, soon will be done in 20 days, the general glass bottle production cycle within 45 days. Glass bottle general minimum quantity above 5000, minimum quantity is less, the greater the bottle bottle is small. Root package material suppliers for many years, wenzhou cosmetics factory to tell you that the bottle production cycle and minimum quantity also will follow industry peak season and off-season effect. In addition, the production of glass bottles need to mold cost, cost is the need to root package material supplier negotiations, in general cosmetics OEM manufacturers will help customers root package material supplier negotiations. Combination forms: 1, cream bottle series: suitable for glass bottle + double plastic cover, inside material capacity is in commonly 10 g - 50g。 2, essence series: suitable for glass bottle or electrochemical aluminum + plastic pump head, within the range of material have a larger capacity requirements, generally 20 to 100 ml. 3, toner series: suitable for glass bottle + plastic plug + cover, inside material capacity in 100 ml above, in the midst of cosmetics OEM, this series is also can match the pump head. 4, pure oil bottle series: glass bottle plug within + + large cranium or gum drops head + + dropper electrochemical aluminum cover, inside the material capacity is small, the amount of general factory asked to do. Process: the bottle points 3 kinds, respectively is a transparent bottle, frosted bottle, colored bottles of 'white porcelain, fine oil bottle'. The effect of the spray bottle to show according to area and toning the difficulty. Printing, screen printing, bronzing, cosmetics co-packer learned that the general number of screen printing and hot stamping a total of no more than 2 times, or tinted too much, and defective goods and the cost will be high. There are two kinds of screen printing, silk screen glass, high temperature ink printing and screen printing ink. The characteristics of high temperature screen printing ink is not easy bleaching, colour and lustre is heavy dumb, dark is the color of the more difficult the effect; Low temperature ink printing colour and lustre is colourful, higher requirements for printing ink, and pay attention to in the bottle disinfection rub off.
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