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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-30
Analysis the special cosmetic product to record some reasons and ways < p> 2018 - cosmetic processing 08 - 15 18:03:37 < / p> cosmetics processing products is to be done for the record registration, registration audit through to production and sales. Why to register? Because countries prevent criminals forgeproof has, so to be put on record review, not for the record shall be treated as fakes a variety of cosmetics products. Record for their operation can be customers, but because of some product ingredients or professional knowledge, such as customer generally entrust cosmetics processing to help complete the filing work. 1, cosmetics and processing factory for the record the information products need: for now, cosmetics processing factory possesses one-stop processing services, basically from the board, for the record, the production, to logistics distribution can be done. So, basically the customer will leave the record for cosmetics processing factory to help to do it. But customers need to provide some information needed for the record. 2, cosmetics and processing for the record process: cosmetics manufacturing plant, help customers to complete the product registration process is as follows: 2. Inspection: 1, the cosmetics products information to prepare the test application form, the cosmetics processing and product formula, product specifications in Chinese, according to the formula in terms of product quality inspection, the final report issued by information. 2. 2, the special-use cosmetics generation processing for the record for the first time after finish product quality inspection report, to provide the above information, if is the first time for the record, you also need to entrust the basic documents: business license, trademark, cosmetics production license; Enterprise information: contact person, telephone and so on.
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