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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-23
Analysis of the current situation and development trend of makeup remover market in 2018, analysis of the current situation of makeup remover market with huge development space in the future makeup remover market naturally has a self-evident significance for modern women, and makeup remover can also play a similar role, clean and thorough makeup removal often restores the skin to its original state, thus relieving skin pressure. The concept of makeup remover has attracted more and more attention from women who love beauty, which makes the makeup remover market heat up rapidly. Prospective Industry Research Institute '2018- According to the market demand forecast and investment strategy planning analysis report of China's cosmetics industry in 2023, the sales volume of makeup remover in 2015 was 64. 2 billion yuan, sales maintained double-digit growth, reaching 16. 45%, the number of consumers using makeup remover products is also gradually increasing. By 2016, sales of makeup removal products were about 75. 8. 5 billion yuan, an increase of 18. 15%. Chart 1: 2010- Market Size and Growth Rate of China's makeup remover products in 2017 (Unit: 100 million yuan, %) Source: The Prospective Industry Research Institute has sorted out the APP makeup remover products of the prospective economist, which have been favored by the industry in recent years. The main reasons lie in three points: first, it is a necessity, and makeup must be removed as long as makeup is made up; Second, the use frequency of makeup remover products is high, and theoretically the market capacity is large; Third, it is easy to use and feasible to operate. Specifically, the development power of China's makeup remover market is mainly manifested in two aspects: Demand-driven and competition-driven. Chart 2: Dynamic Analysis of the development of makeup remover market data source: Compiled by prospective Industry Research Institute, prospective economist APP although makeup remover has great potential, its development has been lukewarm before, this is related to the fact that the makeup remover market itself is in its infancy. Because the makeup removal products are in a period of rise, in the raw material link, makeup removal effect and other aspects are not perfect, resulting in the entire makeup removal product market development is not ideal. With the awakening of female consumers' awareness of makeup removal and the rapid maturity of the makeup market, makeup removal products are expected to usher in breakthrough growth. In general, compared with cosmetics, the makeup removal market is a gold mine that has already reached a scale and is not limited by categories or consumption cognition. Cosmetics should also be selected according to skin types, there are not so many requirements for makeup remover products, so makeup remover products may become a new explosion point in the cosmetics market. It is expected that in the next 3- In 5 years, makeup remover products will be in a rapid and steady growth period, and the development potential should not be underestimated. By 2023, the market size of China's makeup remover products will reach 209 yuan. Chart 3: 2018- Forecast of China's makeup remover market development prospect in 2023 (Unit: 100 million yuan) Source: sorting out by prospective Industry Research Institute, analyzing the future trend of APP makeup remover products of prospective economist first of all, from the perspective of overall development, with the continuous enhancement of residents' health awareness and the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more consumers (Mostly women) Makeup remover products will be used, the importance of makeup remover products in cosmetics is increasingly prominent, and the market demand for makeup remover products will grow rapidly. Prospective Analysis believes that the average annual growth rate of makeup remover products will remain at 15% in the next few years- Between 18%, the overall growth rate is relatively fast, and the makeup remover market has broad prospects and great potential. Secondly, from the perspective of product types, although milky and oily makeup remover products have always been the main force in the market, their performance is difficult to compete with the makeup remover and makeup remover that have emerged in recent years. When mature women over 40 years old still rely on makeup remover, young people have begun to try these new product forms. Makeup Remover at 15- The 19-year-old student sister is especially popular, and refreshing and non-irritating is enough to achieve the cleaning of simple makeup; At the same time, the red makeup remover is sought after by people in their 20 s. Third, from the price of the product, because young women are the main consumers of makeup remover products, the price of a single bottle is 50- The popular product of 150 yuan is the biggest growth point of the market. Compared with other types of cosmetics, Japanese brands have strong advantages in the field of makeup removal, but their market share has shrunk from 1/4 three years ago to 1/5; More local brands have joined this market and seized more than half of the market share with competitive prices and gradually optimized products and images. Therefore, with the increasingly fierce market competition, affordable makeup remover products will dominate. Fourth, from the perspective of functional demands, the basic cleaning ability is the main concern of consumers, and is also the necessary focus for manufacturers to design products and communicate. Products with moisturizing function have also increased, especially attracting mature women. Chart 4: analysis of the development trend of makeup removal products Source: organized by prospective Industry Research Institute, prospective economist APP finally, from the perspective of channel development, cosmetics stores have replaced hypermarkets and become mainstream channels. At the same time, online channels are developing rapidly, and consumers will purchase makeup remover through online channels more and more frequently. Chart 5: analysis of development trend of makeup removal products Channel Source: organized by prospective Industry Research Institute, more in-depth industry analysis of prospective economist APP is available 【Prospective economist APP] , Can also communicate and interact with 500 economists/senior industry researchers
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