Analysis of the current situation of skin care industry in 2018, the formation of men's market, mask is the most concerned 【Group map]-XJ BEAUTY

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-23
Analysis of the current situation of skin care industry in 2018, the formation of men's market, mask is the most concerned 【Group map] The development of China's modern skin care products industry began in 1970s and roughly went through the stages of small workshops, industrial production, overseas brand acquisition and the emergence of domestic brands. At present, the industry has entered a new stage of development. On the one hand, the market for men's skin care products has gradually formed; On the other hand, facial mask has become the subclass with the highest attention among the skin care products. The brands of skin care products are relatively subdivided. The middle and high-end brands are gradually receiving attention. According to the price and target consumer groups, skin care products can be roughly divided into three categories: Volkswagen, mid-range and high-end. Among them, the mass market is classified according to price, and those below 20 yuan are the mass low-end market, including brands such as Meijiajing, Longliqi and Dabao, 20- 40 yuan is the mass mid-market, including brands such as Ding Jiayi and Jia Xue, while 40- The 100 yuan is for the Volkswagen high-end market, including Olay second generation, Ponzi and other brands. The local brands that have risen rapidly in recent years are mainly across the Volkswagen mid-end and Volkswagen high-end market segments. The mid-range market price is roughly 100- 200 yuan, including wenbiquan, Herborist, Aupres, L'Oreal Paris and other brands. The high-end market can be subdivided into high-end high-end and high-end middle and low-end. For example, brands such as Lan Zhi are positioned at high-end middle and low-end, while SK- II, Estee Lauder, Lancome and other brands are positioned at high-end and high-end. In the Skin Care cosmetics market, the high-end market base is relatively small, but the profit is more. The mid-range market and the mass high-end market occupy a large market share. More and more attention has been paid to the middle and high-end brands. L'Oreal Paris, appropriate Materia Medica and Estee Lauder have become the skin care cosmetics brands that are most concerned by netizens. The demand for men's skin care products is more diversified. With the concepts of 'Japanese and Korean style' and 'fresh meat' gradually leading fashion, the demand for men's skin care and beauty cosmetics is growing rapidly. Judging from the overall trend, men's care and perfume products occupy the top two consumption preferences of men in Tmall beauty makeup with obvious advantages, with category preference indexes reaching 287 and 176. The male group's requirements for self-care are more detailed, resulting in an advanced demand for facial image and overall temperament, thus promoting the sales volume of men's cosmetics market. Through the investigation of attention to the use of men's skin care products, it can be noticed that men's skin care products still focus on cleansing and cleaning, but at the same time, the trend of diversified demands is gradually taking shape. For the vast number of Chinese men who have just awakened their skin care consciousness, the skin care consciousness is still mainly at the stage of 'washing their faces clean, however, Chinese men's awareness of skin care products is constantly developing and improving, and the awareness and attention of 'facial care' has increased significantly. Therefore, consumption upgrading may be the driving factor for the next wave of men's products. Mask attention is high, moisturizing and moisturizing the best sales mask is the most concerned sub-category in skin care products. Data show that facial mask is currently the most concerned among all kinds of skin care products, reaching 43%. The market scale of facial masks in skin care products in our country is also increasing year by year, which shows that more and more Chinese people are beginning to use facial masks, and the era of facial masks for all in our country is coming. Facial mask is subdivided into eight categories according to its efficacy, including moisturizing, whitening and spot cleaning, and fine pores. Among all kinds of facial masks, moisturizing effect is the most popular facial mask type. Moisturizing, as the most basic requirement for skin care products, has become the product with the highest sales volume among many functions, with a market share of 52%. However, the sales volume of post-Sun repair is the smallest, accounting for only 1% of the market share. The above data and analysis sources refer to '2018-' issued by the prospective Industry Research Institute- Forecast Analysis report on production and marketing demand and investment of China's skin care industry in 2023. More in-depth industry analysis is in 【Prospective economist APP] , Can also communicate and interact with 500 economists/senior industry researchers. Source: prospective economist
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