Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of plastic packaging bottles

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-20
Plastic bottles are usually made of 7 kinds of materials. Due to its inherent characteristics, make bottle with its own characteristics. Cosmetic plastic containers of plastic forming easily, can be processed into various shapes, low cost, easy production, and can be processed into a variety of colors. Cosmetic plastic containers of defect is transparent as glass, but then get hexene expanded the blow molding technology, overcomes the drawback of polyolefin blow molding bottle transparency is low, the transparency has been close to the glass. 。 The quality of the plastic imitation glass bottles and appearance. Use this type of plastic PET injection molding processing skills. It is an industrial wall thickness for MM plastic bottles. The main body of the bottle with crystalline brightness and brightness, the appearance and glass bottles are very similar. Cosmetic plastic container materials have excellent printing function. It can use thermal transfer, inkjet, printing and other methods on the surface of the container directly print illustration, logo and barcode. Cans, boxes and other plastic containers. Cosmetics capsule has a variety of shapes, including spherical, marquis, hearts and crescent, have all sorts of color, bright and bright, and have a color pearl. These packing provides consumers with a more secure, more convenient way of consumption. In the past few years, cosmetics container industry has been trying to develop a product, the product not only can keep the skin quality, can also satisfy the luxurious, novel and cosmetic requirements. It makes the layers of different types of plastic can be combined together and forming at a time. With multi-layer composite technology, our cosmetics container of plastic packaging can completely stop the light and air, these light and air oxidation of skin care products, on the other hand, can realize the visual effect of exaggeration and feeling together. Skin care products and dairy products usually packing in the hose and glass bottle. 519. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetic plastic containers, cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers
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