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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-12
Analysis of OEM brand cosmetics use cosmetics manufacturer matters needing attention during pregnancy < p> 2018 - of OEM brand cosmetics 07 - 24 10:16:52 < / p> pregnancy with cosmetics need to pay attention to what matters? Below small make up of OEM brand cosmetics come in detail for you. 1, detergent alcohol sulfate substance, inhaled through the skin, when they reach a certain concentration led to the death of a fertilized egg, to suspend the pregnancy; Disable during pregnancy contains vitamin K, vitamin A acid and other vitamin A derivatives of cosmetics. 2, lipstick is by a variety of grease, wax components such as dyes and spices. The oil usually adopt lanolin, from wool washing liquid is a kind of recycling and refining of transparent paste. Lanolin can adsorption in the air a variety of harmful to human body scale heavy metal trace elements, and can enter the body of a fetus adsorption microorganisms such as e. coli. As saliva into the body, make the pregnant women fetuses vulnerable, so pregnant women had better use less or don't use lipstick. 3, hair dye can cause cell chromosome aberration, which can cause skin cancer, breast cancer and fetal malformation. Hair dye ingredients may also make the skin to produce allergic reaction; Chemical essence of cold can also affect the normal growth and development of the fetus in pregnant women, some people will produce allergic reaction to it. 4 for 3 months, the early stages of pregnancy is cannot make the fragrance, but after 3 months of aromatherapy oil also is to have cultured, such as lemon, orange, etc can't use in pregnant 12 weeks ago, rose, jasmine, cannot use before 16 weeks pregnancy. Small make up of OEM brand cosmetics warm prompt: choose cosmetics must not contain hormones during pregnancy and the chemical composition of harmful to the fetus. So it's best to choose mild nature of pure plant products. Cool and tell on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine plant is not suitable for pregnant women, so when the choice must pay attention to. In addition, containing vitamin E is good for the pregnant woman.
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